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Experience Dublin

There’s more to Ireland than potatoes and beer. The clink of Guinness glasses as you stare into a friendly face and declare sláinte becomes a happy sound that alerts your taste buds to the liquid satisfaction imminent. Rolling green hills drop into dramatic cliffs, plunging into the endless ocean as you catch your breath and snap a pic.

Dublin combines the best of Ireland’s traits, a deep Celtic and Georgian history combined a warm, friendly, modern buzz. For the historical tour there are a few must see’s –the Archaeology branch of Ireland’s national museum includes a huge collection of both prehistoric and Celtic artefacts, Trinity College also provides an educational history as well as the world famous “Book of Kells”. Finally the ex-prison of Kilmainham Gaol sheds light on some of the darker patches of Dublin’s history. A perfect place to bridge the gap between Dublin’s historical legacy and its reputation for heavy nights is the Guinness Storehouse. A 7 story shrine to Ireland’s historic drink, any fans of the black stuff will be endlessly delighted. If the storehouse wets your appetite and you wish to experience the best of legendary Irish hospitality - Dublin has over a thousand pubs to keep you entertained well into the night.

Outside of the Capital the city of Cork is Irelands culinary centre – a mixture of markets sporting local produce and contemporary restaurants putting modern twists on Irish classics – Cork certainly provides the flavour of Irish culture (I’ve had traditional Irish ham cooked by a resident of Cork – it’s definitely worth a look). St Johns castle in Limerick will excite any castle lover and the hugely traditional Irish – speaking valleys of Connemara display Irelands majestic yet dramatic landscape.

Green Motion has locations in Dublin, Cork, Kerry and Shannon airports – cruise Irelands ancient highways and nip through its tight city streets with a VW Golf.

How to Get the Best Fuel Economy From a Hybrid Car

When you are not getting the fuel economy promised by a car company or government regulator, where do you turn? Before you start plotting against the manufacturer or mean-tweeting the EPA, the first move is to tighten up your driving style.

Assuming the vehicle is mechanically sound and tire pressure is where it should be, drivers have a big influence on how many miles per gallon you get when an electric motor and gas engine are in play together. Today’s electric vehicles and hybrids offer information on power usage that helps you get more from your fill-up at the pump.

1. Acceleration in ECO mode

Many hybrids have an EV mode where you use mostly battery to power the vehicle. EV mode is great for short trips to the store on level (or downhill) and you will get peak economy when using it. However, using this mode for a trip when you have to accelerate frequently is a bad idea. You’ll waste battery by accelerating when you could have used it better for cruising, when electricity can bump up economy by several miles per gallon.

Instead, click into ECO mode when you have highway driving or another brisk trip on your radar. This mode stops the battery from draining its energy when you hit the accelerator.

2. Anticipate stops

Anticipating a stop ahead allows your hybrid’s regenerative braking system to kick in and use the energy to add power to your battery, when you jam on the brakes in a hybrid, the power is sometimes lost. Easing your foot off the pedal when you see brake lights ahead will get more energy back into your system.

As you continue adding power back into the battery during a trip, your fuel economy will continue improving. Drivers who change lanes, speed up and then are forced to stop abruptly are wasting battery energy and getting worse economy.

3. Smoothness is key

The importance of smoothness when driving a hybrid cannot be stressed enough. Power gauges on the display panel will tell you if your foot is too heavy or just right but in almost every case it’s too heavy. Getting it right takes some practice and control but the results are easily seen in your economy gauge.

Keeping an eye on these gauges will take your attention off the road, so be careful when you look, but you’ll see in slow traffic whether you are getting the most out of your range. We never knew how such small differences in foot pressure could affect economy but the technology in today’s cars allows you to get better gas mileage with ease. You can save a lot of money and lighten your carbon footprint with a few minor changes in your driving style.

Green Motion is committed to ensuring that its customers have the choice to hire vehicles boasting the latest in low CO2 technologies, whilst benefiting from excellent fuel economy. To book a green money saving vehicle visit

London’s Calling

London is packed full of iconic landmarks that any trip must pay a visit to. Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament are the perfect place to start: truly stunning gothic architecture and the meeting place of one the world’s most powerful governments. Slightly along the river the London Eye is the most impressive of Ferris Wheels (even more impressive at the top).

Further into the city lies St Pauls one of the world’s largest Cathedrals, sitting under the shadow of ever newly created sky scrapers of the city.A short walk back down to the Thames gives an amazing view of Tower, London and Millennium bridges – directly across the river lies The Shard. Back in the west Buckingham Palace and The Mall provide the royal glitz London is famous for and a short walk back into central brings you to the famous hustle of Piccadilly Circus and Oxford Street. Slightly further south Trafalgar square and Nelsons Column offer a spectacular history lesson.

The Inside Guide

London is daunting here a few inside tips on where to head. Waterloo Bridge might not be the most famous of London bridges, but it does have by the far best view. For an even better view head to Heron Tower bar, one of the highest bars in Europe, dress to impress to get in however. For a flavour of true English culture Borough market displays the best of English produce. English pubs are legendary; the Coal Hole on the strand (next to the infamous Savoy Hotel) is a great one. Forget New York, London never sleeps – Ministry of Sound is a world famous club, Fabric in Shoreditch is a bastion of house music, Leister Square provides lively and varied nights, and the exclusivity of Mayfair and Chelsea’s clubs can’t be exaggerated.

Green Motion hire throughout central London and surrounding areas, London is best toured by car – hire yours with us.

Iceland - A Hidden Gem

A frozen tundra of stunning beauty, Iceland has captured the imagination of travellers for thousands of years.

Best divided by compass point Iceland has a stunning variety of natural wonders to offer. Northern Iceland’s long valleys and fjords often give way to mountains and lava fields. The further north you go, the closer you get to the Arctic Circle, the longer the days and the more imposing the midnight sun. The north is also one of the more maritime areas of the country. The Seal Centre in Hvammstangi is a great visit.

Eastern Iceland’s lush farmlands, sweeping rivers and giant fjords come alive during the summertime as the coast is populated by artists and festival goers. Typical to Iceland’s stunning geography magma chambers and mineral deposits, pepper the eastern coast. Western Iceland delivers the range of geographical features that tourists have come to expect, sleeping volcanos and huge waterfalls just name a few. As equally impressive is the huge range of wildlife and flora that inhabit the western planes. Iceland’s north-western “Westfjords” provide a relatively untouched landscape perfect for skiing and exploring.The south provides typical Icelandic treasures; the golden circle route is hugely popular with tourists with Skógafoss Waterfall, Jökulsárlón Glacial Lagoon and Vatnajökull Glacier being among the typical treasures no to mention the the Reykjanes peninsula and its Lava Fields.

Iceland’s Capital Reykjavík is small but by no means quiet. Famous for its local music and dedication to literature, Reykjavík culture far outdoes its size. Nightlife is not something forgotten this far north as well; Reykjavík has a multitude of clubs, some with an Icelandic twist. Add in some history and Reykjavík is the perfect base for your Icelandic adventure.

Green Motion has locations in Reykjavík and Keflavik International Airport, we recommend a Jeep Patriot to tackle Iceland’s terrain and leave no Fjord or Volcano unexplored.

Why Environmentally Friendly Car hire is nice to your Wallet and the Planet

Green transport has always had a bit of a stigma – “yeah it’s good for the environment but it’s a bit pricey”. The environmental benefits of Green Cars are beyond doubt, but as technology advances, the economic benefits have started to emerge.

When hiring a car the main added cost you need to consider is fuel. This is where Greener cars don’t get enough credit. Low emissions traditional combustion engines - these are cars that typically emit less 130g/kg of Co2 – are incredibly fuel efficient. Vauxhalls low emission range (heavily used by Green Motion) averages 88.3 MPG. In comparison traditional cars, especially smaller hatchbacks, can sit anywhere between 30-60MPG.

Consider a Blue Motion low emission Golf with an average of 88.3mpg versus the traditional Golf with an average of around 40 MPG. Hire the gas guzzler for 500 miles and you’ll be set back around £55.06 in fuel costs – alternatively rent the Blue Motion and fuel comes in at a much nicer £24.94. To put that in holiday terms – the £30 difference equals 6 cocktails at Baba Au Rum cocktail bar, Athens. Mojito anyone?

When we consider hybrid and fully electric cars the savings are much greater. The BMW i3 when used without the petrol range extended was claimed to cost around 2p a mile. Perhaps an exaggeration, but with the Nissan Leaf offering a full, 127 mile range, for £2 of electricity - fuel costs do become nominal. Throw in no congestion charge fees and the costs of actually running an electric motor is beautifully small.The main offset of electric cars is their initial buying price – the BMW i3 sits at around 30K, which for a relatively small car is expensive. Of course, with renting this cost is foregone – renting low co2 or hybrid/electric cars isn’t significantly more expensive than traditional models.

Currently, electric cars on more rural holidays aren’t totally practical; it will be some years before recharging stations are regular in rural Mexico, so now long exotic excursions are best handled by low co2 emitting petrol/ diesel cars – still the savings are significant. For city breaks though, the electric option is the way to go. Little known fact, but as electricity is instant, and combustion isn’t, the Leaf and co will get off the lights faster than most. All in all then, an environmentally friendly car, aside from the obvious worldly benefits, is simply much cheaper. Who wants to spend their holiday money on petrol after all? That’s reserved for after-sun.