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Explore Cyprus

A nation divided between two historical greats Cyprus can boast of dual cultures. Far from just the endless beach haven it’s famed to be this island holds a huge number of relics but also remains the fun packed holiday get-away we all know and love.


The warm waters and year-round sunshine of Paphos means it’s popular year-round with sunseekers. Beyond the beach, Paphos is also home to a lively nightlife scene and attractions including Paphos Forest, fascinating Greek relics, Roman mosaics and the nearby Troodos Mountains.


Limassol is one of Cyprus’s most popular destinations and dynamic cities. It’s home to a well-preserved old town, long stretches of sandy beaches and a maze of characterful streets filled with boutiques, bars and restaurants.

Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa needs little introduction. Famed as one of the Mediterranean’s most tireless party resorts thanks to its year-round sun, chic beaches and abundance of nightclubs. During high summer the streets are filled with late-night revellers, while families and couples can enjoy a quieter time during autumn.


Larnaca is a bustling cruise ship stop-off located on the eastern Mediterranean. It’s contemporary and cosmopolitan bay is lined with swaying palm trees, while the old Turkish quarter is good for historical sites including several worth-a-visit churches and museums.


The capital Nicosia is geographically split between the Greek and Turkish side of the island. Each has its own charms. The city is full of traditional restaurants and culture, with a growing modern scene as demonstrated by numerous cafes. With 24 hour border crossings, the divided city is by no means awkward, and to simply skip into a different political nation and sample of its delights (specifically food) is a wonderful thing. Another inland point of interest is the ancient Tomb of Kings, a true archaeological marvel; it’s the perfect change of pace from the coast.

Cyprus is famous for its beaches and rightly so. A huge variety of beaches are on offer, for the traditional hugely crowed, bucket and spade, English people being burnt to crisp, beach turn to Glyki Nero – the legendary rowdy Anya Napa strip is also walking distance . For a quieter more quaint experience Kamara Tou Sungarden displays the best of Cyprus golden sand and blue waters. Outside of traditional sunbathing Cyprus is world leading in the diving scene, endless coastline and a sprawling history means there are plenty of treasures lurking in the depths.

Cyprus enjoys a typically Mediterranean climate with sunshine for most of the year. The hottest months are June, July and August, when temperatures can soar up to the high 30s. Winter tends to be fairly mild, with light snowfall creating good skiing conditions in the Troodos Mountains.

Cyprus was practically invented for tourism, endless beaches, beautiful warm water and one of the best party towns in the world; however dig a little deeper and Cyprus has plenty of subtle hints of its ancient roots. Hiring a car is one of the best ways to tour the island, but be sure to book in advance during peak season. A Green Motion Ford Fiesta is big enough for your bucket and spade, but speedy and stylish enough to cruise around the city or the strip.

A Fairytale in Latvia

Latvia’s fairy tale style capital has been rapidly growing in popularity in recent years. A combination of a thriving modern lively population and a culture steeped in medieval history results in Riga having the edge and culture to deserve its acclaim.

Riga’s old town gives it its fairy tale appeal, unsurprising as it contains the highest number of medieval gargoyles in the world. An archetypal demonstration of this comes from Riga enormous 13th century cathedral, within houses impressive relics including a 19th century 6768 pipe organ. For a true experience of taste of Riga head to its central market. Housed in a series of WW1 Zeppelin hangars up to 1250 stalls sell everything from local food to clothing. A further testament to Riga’s legacy and a truly spectacular building is Blackheads House. The original building was destroyed in 1941, but as the original blue prints survived Riga’s 800th birthday was marked with its reconstruction.

Riga’s history is long and complicated, but its modern flair is just getting going. Let yourself get lost in this beautiful corner of the city: narrow streets, charming houses dating back to the 16th-18th centuries. Visit beautiful squares of the Old Town: Dome square with impressive Dome cathedral and Livu square with wide range of open air restaurants. The center of Riga is situated in the ring of city canals and the river Daugava. Enjoy a relaxing ride on the tourist boat that will take you around the Old Town or hire a little pedal boat to explore city canals by your own.

The buzzing central market place will give you an opportunity to taste some of the best local food and buy some tasty souvenirs to bring back home. The must-taste top 5 includes Latvian rye bread, birch tree juice (available only in March-April), Latvian eel, sauerkraut made by local farmers, local dairy products which are known for being the best in the whole region.

Head to one of the places with best panorama of the city: St.Peter’s church’s tower in the Old Town, Skyline bar at the 26th floor of the hotel Radisson Blu Latvia or enjoy a cocktail and great views siting on the Terrace Riga in the shopping moll Galleria Riga. A multitude of clubs run throughout Riga, “studio 69” is a large and busy traditional club, “bite blues club specialised in live local music and “Bar.Ber.Room” combines eccentric design with a friendly atmosphere for a unorthodox yet fun experience.

The nearby seaside resort Jurmala lies only half an hour drive from the city center and offer wide long sandy beaches, gourmet restaurants and lively atmosphere of a seaside resort. It is called Latvian Summer Capital and is known by its beautiful historic wooden architecture.

Riga and surrounding Latvia is a bubbling, emerging modern state with a complex and deep history. Green Motion are on hand to provide the perfect car to explore it, we recommend the Toyota Yaris for chic style and a nippy ride.

An American Adventure - Florida

Florida’s reputation as a haven for tourists is well deserved; however this southern state has natural and historical riches often overlooked.

Florida’s main tourist attractions are famous for a reason. First and foremost, Disney World Orlando is an enormous fairy tale kingdom of endless attractions and delights for all ages. Sea World Orlando provides a more aquatic display – the seal shows here are that of pop culture legend. Similarly, Discovery Cove provides both relaxing and adventurous experience with snorkelling, diving and any other imaginable ocean past times. On a slightly more explosive note, take to the skies with the home of NASA at the Kennedy space station, time your visit well and you may even see your very own rocket launch.

Beyond Florida’s traditional tourist traps there is a rich tapestry of cultures and natural attractions. Miami is a chilled and relaxed beach city by day, but a heaving Mecca of luxury and excess fuelled nightlife by night. Fort Lauderdale combined up market restaurants and a glorious beach with an infamous party scene, whilst the everglades provide an expansive system of wetlands teaming with natural life. Whilst at Green Motion we always encourage using a car, we will forgive you if you take to the Everglades by hovercraft. For the artistically inclined the Salvador Dalí Museum provides nearly 100 masterpieces, the museum is a lovely change of pace from the lively centres of Miami or Disney World.

Florida is the only state that has 2 rivers both with the same name. There is a Withlacoochee in north central Florida (Madison County) and a Withlacoochee in central Florida. They have nothing in common except the name. Florida is also the largest producer of citrus fruits in the United States and second in the world. Greater Miami is the only metropolitan area in the United States whose borders encompass two national parks. You can hike through pristine Everglades National Park or ride on glass-bottom boats across Biscayne National Park.

With over 1,300 courses, Florida has more golf courses than any other State in USA. Florida is the flattest state in the USA. Florida's mean elevation is just 100 ft (30 meters) Britton Hill is the highest natural point in the state with a summit elevation of just 345 feet (105 meters) above mean sea level. Britton Hill is the lowest state highpoint in the United States. The lowest points of sixteen U.S. states are higher than Britton Hill.

Green Motion has locations in Orlando, Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Any American adventure wouldn’t be complete without a quintessentially American car – hire your Ford Mustang with Green Motion.