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​Come summer time, there is no better place to be than in Mykonos

Come summer time, there is no better place to be than in Mykonos.

The locals will tell you to come in June and September if you want to experience the quiet beauty of Mykonos, however if you are looking to party than August is the best month for you.

With crystal-blue water, endless beaches and the dry north wind of the Aegean - these are just a part of the islands charm. Dubbed as the new Ibiza, beaches such as Paradise and Super Paradise are awake all night long.

And no matter how you’re feeling, the rose-gold Mykonian light will make even the most sunburnt, stressed or tired person look beautiful! The locals say that the rose-gold light is due to the Greek legend of the neighbouring island of Delos – the sacred isle on which Apollo and Artemis, and light itself, were born.

If you need a break from partying, Mykonos is the perfect jumping-off point for the nearby island of Delos which is known for its archaeological site. The islands ruins encompass Doric temples, an amphitheatre, mosaic houses and the iconic Terrace of the Lions statues.

We’d highly recommend hiring a speedboat at Kalafatis to go to the lagoon on Delo’s sister island, Rhenia. Rhenia has one of the most beautiful and untouched beaches in the Aegean, with its almost white powdery sand and turquoise waters. 

Morocco - heritage, desert and landscapes

Bordered by 3,500 kilometres of coastline and crossed with numerous mountain ranges, it's no wonder that Morocco is quickly becoming a sought-after tourist destination. 

Morocco has an abundance of important natural and historic assets as well as a richly diverse cultural heritage.

Explore the wonders of Morocco’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Morocco is home to 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, these are sites which have been deemed by the UNESCO as outstanding in terms of cultural, scientific or historic importance.

These sites provide a wealth of knowledge by helping to form a world of history which would otherwise remain buried. Below is a collection of Morocco’s stunning heritage sites.

  • Archaeological Site of Volubilis
  • Historic City of Meknes
  • Ksar of Ait-Ben-Haddou
  • Mazagan
  • The Medina of Essaouira
  • Medina of Fez
  • Medina of Marrakech 
  • Medina of Tetouan

There are a few places on earth which compare to Morocco’s incredible Sahara Desert

Situated on Morocco’s western border, the Sahara Desert is the world's largest desert – spanning an area similar to that of the United States. A desert adventure is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and something we would wholeheartedly recommend.

The Erg Chebbi and the Erg Chigaga are the two most famous sand dunes with each offering a completely different experience.

The Erg Chebbi dunes is more accessible with modern hotels located just a 30-minute camel ride away while the Erg Chigaga dunes are more rustic, located around 60km from the nearest road. Both sand dunes offer the opportunity to ride camels and climb the dunes while admiring picture perfect views and sleeping under the stars.

Morocco has some amazingly beautiful landscapes in every corner of the country

  • Aftas is a small and peaceful beach which is accessed via a piste off the Les Amicales area of Mirleft
  • The winding road which leads up to the Dades Gorge is one of the best roads to drive in Morocco
  • Napoleons Hat which looms over Tafraoute in the Souss region
  • Aguelmam Azigza is a beautiful lake in the heart of the Middle Atlas region which is great for swimming and paddling

The top UK hidden treasures in 2017

Looking for a stay-vacation or wanting to visit the UK this year? While you could get lost for days in London, we would also recommend a few of the below hidden treasures which the UK has to offer in 2017.

Hadrian’s Wall, Carlisle

The history of the 80 mile World Heritage Site will be told in a new 6 month exhibition, Hadrian’s Cavalry, which will run from the 8th of April to the 10th of September. The wall, once a vibrant frontier, took 15,000 men over 6 years to build. You can explore baths, turrets and shrines or visit galleries and museums which are going to be made extra exciting by the new exhibition.

Hull, Yorkshire

As the United Kingdom's new city of culture, Hull has plans to showcase itself to the world with visual art, music, festivals and so much more! Hull really is the place to be this year.

Brecon Beacons, South Wales

There will be celebrations throughout the year to mark the Brecon Beacons National Park’s 60th anniversary, including regular art and craft events as well as jazz and food festivals. The park has gardens, castles and caves to explore, as well as 140 miles of rivers and 35 miles of canal.

Teignmouth, Devon

Teignmouth, a picturesque town, has been a popular holiday destination since the Georgian times. The traditional seaside town has, in recent years, also gained the reputation of a foodie hotspot. Great food beside the beach, how can you go wrong?

Edinburgh, Scotland

As the Edinburgh International Festival will be celebrating its 70th birthday, the Scottish celebration of creativity will be even more exciting and busy this year! The festival runs from the 4th – 28th of August, commencing with a grand opening party and ending, in style, with a fireworks show.


The 200th anniversary of Jane Austen’s death will be marked with many events this year, notably in her home county of Hampshire. In the village of Chawton, where Jane Austen spent the last 8 years of her life, her home is now a museum. In March, the museum will open a new display, encouraging aspiring writers to enter into a short story competition. Nearby the town of Alton will be hosting a Regency Week (from the 17th – 25th of June) with dances, music and talks in Austen's honour. 

Troodos Mountains - the Switzerland of Cyprus

Nicknamed the ‘Switzerland of Cyprus’ because you can see snow in the winter and even ski in January / February, the Troodos Moutains are, in reality, only a peak; however the peak is a real gem. 

Troodos is the largest mountain in Cyprus, located in the centre of the island. The highest peak is Mount Olympus which, at 1,952 meters, hosts the 4 ski slopes which are open in the winter.

In the summer, the Troodos Mountains are also a great escape from the humidity of the coast as well as being remarkably tranquil.

Dotted all over the Troodos are painted churches, many of which are UNESCO World Heritage sites. While the outside of the churches may not be particularly remarkable, their wonder becomes apparent once inside as every inch is enveloped with paintings – from haloed saints and kings, scenes from the lives and deaths of martyrs and tales of Jesus. The most dramatic of the churches is Agios Nikolaos, just outside Kakopetria with its vivid and colourful paintings.

The low hills on the southern side of the Troodos mountains are called Commandaria. During the Crusades of the Knights of Templar, they had a base in the region called La Grande Commanderie. The region is also famous for its desert wine which is produced from over-ripe Xinisteri grapes which are picked and then left to shrivel and sweeten in the sun.

If sweet wine isn’t to your liking, there are vineyards and wineries dotted all over the Troodes – as pine and vines grow freely into the mountainsides, adding to the rural charm of the region.

If you get the time, we would also recommend that you hike to the Kalidonia Falls which is the most beautiful hiking trail in the Troodos. It takes roughly 40 minutes (3 km) to reach the falls which have a 15 metres drop into an icy cold pool. It’s a great opportunity to cool your feet from the hike before heading to the Psilo Dendro restaurant which is at the start of the trail – rewarding your tired legs and empty stomach!