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Slovenia - when and where to go

Slovenia is a charming country to visit, with grand architectural cities and lush countryside which is perfect for skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer.

When to go

The majority of visitors travel to Slovenia in the summer, as the weather is more dependable as well as the country’s top attractions and numerous festivals being open.

Although, if you prefer to see the country in less of a hustle and bustle, it is still just as pleasant to enjoy the country outside of the peak summer months, with spring and autumn being the preferred off-peak months.

Skiing is best during December – March, with hiking and adventure sports being available between April – September.

Where to go

Slovenia’s modern capital, Ljabljana, is charmingly cluttered with beautiful Baroque and Habsburg buildings.

The Julian Alps provide absolutely stunning mountain scenery with Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj being the most accessible and Soča Valley the most memorable. If you travel further south there are amazing caves – including Postojna and Škocjan.

In the east, there are wine-making regions with Ptuj being Slovenia’s oldest and probably best-preserved town. The city of Maribor is also worth a visit and great as a stopover point to Austria. 

The best places for a spot of romancing

Whether you’re looking for a beautiful beach to share a cocktail on, you want to get lost with each other amongst the hustle and bustle of a city or even just want to enjoy the stillness of nature, these are the best places for a spot of romancing.

Scottish Highlands, UK

The Scottish Highlands are sparsely populated with many mountain ranges dominating the region, making it an oh-so romantic and refreshing backdrop to any retreat, with rugged glens, secluded beaches and dramatic scenery.

Venice, Italy

Venice, located in the northeast of Italy, is a romantic and enchanting city of ancient palaces, turquoise canals and serenading gondoliers. Whether you are falling deeper in love on a moonlit gondola ride or calming your soul at an orchestral symphony, Venice will amaze you with its artistic and romantic flair.

Santorini, Greece

Santorini is unlike any other Greek island. It was created from a volcanic explosion which left the island with volcanic cliffs overlooking a red and black coast. It is stunning against the turquoise Mediterranean.


Iceland offers the perfect romantic getaway. The country is ethereal, shrouded in folklore as well as bursting with volcanic activity. Watch the sky blaze with the spectacular Northern Lights or bathe in the mineral hot springs, focusing on nature and wellness with your significant other. 

Festivals, Rain-forests or Skiing - Where to go in February

Thanks to freezing temperatures around the world and the post-holiday melancholy, February can often drag by.

So there isn’t a better time to escape to a brighter and sunnier climate!

The tropics have stunning weather, the Rockie’s have perfectly powered snow and some European countries offer light-in-spirit carnivals.

Venice, Italy

February is carnival time in Venice which can make it either the best or worst time to go! What seems like a Canaletto painting comes to life every year in Venice with celebrators gathering for 3 weeks of merry-making. The carnival, being held this year from the 11th – 28th of February, ends with the start of Lent, 40 days before Easter, on Shrove Tuesday and it is known for its world famous elaborate masks.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica has lush rainforests and domineering volcanoes sitting side-by-side with vibrant cities, meaning that you really will be spoilt for choice! We recommend trekking through the Tenorio National Park, playing in the Arenal’s waterfalls and then finishing the day in one of San Jose’s delicious restaurants. Prices take a dip in February however the rainforests are still lush and the sandy beaches of Puerto Viejo are somewhat calmer.


There is nothing quite as alluring as fresh powdery snow. By February, you can take advantage of prime skiing conditions at much more affordable prices. In Alberta, the slopes have the air-like snow that attracts skiers worldwide. If you’re a series skier, we’d recommend heading up to Jackson Hole and Banff in the gorgeous Canadian Rockies. You can even go by snowcat or a helicopter to explore the backcountry or rejuvenate in a natural hot spring. Whatever you enjoy, you can find it in a Canadian snowy holiday.