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Where to go in September - without the peak season crowds and prices

With the kids back at school, September can be the perfect time to enjoy some lovely weather without the peak season crowds and prices.

Europe is great to visit in September, with warm, dry days while the whole of Africa is pretty much in its prime for safari adventures. Southeast Asia is still affected by the monsoon rains however there are plenty of autumn festivals that will tempt you into a visit.

If you want to visit historic cities and spa towns, then we would recommend Europe. September marks the changing of the seasons across Europe, with the summer heat starting to cool off in preparation for autumn. This makes it a great time to explore historic cities and spa towns at a lower price. We would highly recommend Italy, with average temperatures between 19°C to 23°C.

However, if you are looking for a beach destination than you should consider Croatia, as their peak holiday season is now over but it still has its pleasant Mediterranean weather with warm waters and very minimal rainfall. The best beaches are Penatur, Betirino, Spiaza (Susak) and Bačvice (Split). Or you can visit Morocco, which has plenty of coastline for the perfect beach holiday - we would recommend you head to Saidia, Legzira Plage, Asilah, Sidi Kaouki for the best beaches. 

Take advantage of the lower prices without the crowds now!