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See The Scintillating Sights Of Serbia

Serbia is coated in a rich and diverse history; it is the perfect place to submerge yourself in cultural experiences and soak up some scenery. Green Motion International are thrilled to present some of the must see sights of Serbia…

Historical Monuments

The Čegar Hill Monument was built on the date of the 50-year anniversary of the liberation of Ottoman Empire on June 1st 1927. This significant statue’s importance rightfully casts shadows over the original 1809 Nis Skull Tower which was erected by the Ottoman during a battle, to warn the Serbians against any future resistance by offering a reminder of the people they lost during the rebellion. Both of these captivating monuments as well as several other important historical sites such as one of the best-preserved Nazi camps in Europe (The Red Cross Concentration Camp), can be found less than 20 minutes away from Green Motion Nis Airport.

Religious Buildings

After almost 54 years’ worth of construction, the church of St Sava is the largest Orthodox church in the Balkan region and the second largest in the world! The structures incredibly impressive white granite and marble walls can be seen towering over Belgrade from any direction on your approach into the countries’ capital. In contrast, ‘The Saint Petka’s Chapel’ also in Belgrade offers an alternate view of Serbian religion, as this tiny building honours the Christian faith and impresses its visitors through decadent ceiling murals rather than it’s overwhelming scale. Another similar site is the ‘Crkva Ruzica’ church, known as ‘the Church of the Holy Mother of God’, which is also known for its small size and extravagant paintings and murals. This wonderful site is located less than 10 minutes from Green Motion Belgrade Downtown!

Family Fun

The ‘Kalemegdan Park’ is a great site to visit if you’re looking for a day full of family fun. The park offers a museum, a zoo, an amusement park and a souvenir shopping section and is located less than 30 minutes from Green Motion Belgrade Airport.

Whether you’re with children or not, the Belgrade Fortress is a must-see landmark because of its grandeur and historical importance, however, located in the middle of the castle’s courtyard is a surprise just for the kids! A novelty dinosaur park called Jura Avantura is home to a family of 35+ robotic dinosaurs, most of which roar, move and can be interacted with by the children. The Belgrade Fortress and Dinosaur Park are less than 15 minutes from Green Motion Belgrade Downtown.

Visiting in August? Join the thousands of people attending the ‘Nisville Music Festival’, held to honour the famous Serbian Jazz musician ‘Saban Barjamovic’. The festival is an explosion of lights, sounds and colour designed to celebrate all genres of music, specifically Serbian Artists. The festival is held less than 15 minutes from Green Motion Nis Airport.

Party Time

Serbia’s capital Is quickly becoming the new Ibiza! Belgrade is host to a continuous stream of huge outdoor parties and clubs revelling all around the city. Many of these events are held across bridges, in streets and in traditional town squares, this electric vibe can be felt pumping all around the city. In search of an alternative to the cliché Ibiza holidays, many travellers are choosing to flock to Belgrade’s year-round booming bars and clubs (most of which are now open throughout the day) rather than the short 3/4-month Ibiza season!

UAE Travel Guide

Celebrating the recent launch of Green Motion in the United Arab Emirates, take a look at our travel guide to the jewel of the Middle East

UAE Travel Guide

For many, Dubai is the only place that springs to mind when thinking of travel to the United Arab Emirates. And it’s true. There is a certain attraction to the super metropolis with its heady, glass skyscrapers, vast modern shopping malls and extravagant beach resorts. However, there’s more to the country than the city. Hiring a UAE car rental gives you the opportunity to see another side, one that’s full of rippling sand dunes, the starkly beautiful Hajar Mountains and traditional village life. There are adventures to be had too. Whether you’re interested in sandboarding, water sports or hiking, you’ll find it all in this tiny Middle Eastern gem.

Dining in the UAE

Emirati cuisine is particularly enticing. While you’ll find modern eateries with everything from sushi to French fare in the city, head beyond the skyscraper laden capital in your Dubai car rental and you’ll find dishes like thareed, a hearty slow-cooked stew topping unleavened flat bread, or machboos, a rice dish flavoured with meat, spices and onions. Visit during Ramadan and you could be tucking into specialities like harees, a porridge-like dish spiked with butter and cinnamon. If you’re lucky, you could even be invited for a khuzi, a Bedouin feast of roasted lamb or goat served or rice and nuts. You can be sure that you’ll eat well when you visit the UAE.

Attractions in the UAE

It’s true that many of the attractions are in the city, and if you want to get around with ease, you can’t do better than your own UAE car rental. While it would be simply impossible to list every attraction in Dubai, highlights include the soaring Burj Khalifa, the tallest free-stranding structure in the world. If you take the hour or so drive to Abu Dhabi, you shouldn’t miss the extraordinary Sheikh Zayed Mosque or the Sharjah Arts Museum. Of course, if all that sounds like too much effort, you could always drive down to one of the white powdery beaches and settle in for some serious sun-worshipping or hop on board one of the traditional dhow boats and see the towering skyline from the water.

UAE driving routes

The United Arab Emirates may be small, but it’s teeming with interesting driving routes. Some of the best to take your car rental in the United Arab Emirates include the winding route to Khasab, a city often nicknamed the ‘Norway of the Middle East’ due to its abundance of fjords. For starkly beautiful desert scenery, try the drive to Liwa which passes endless golden sands. Alternatively, take the rocky roads to Ras al Khaimah around 115 kilometres from Dubai where you’ll find a smorgasbord of adventure activities including sports fishing, horse riding and paragliding along with a long list of fabulous hotels.

UAE car rental

It’s a shame that most people limit themselves to the city. While there’s enough to keep you busy in Dubai, you’ll never truly understand the country unless you head out into its interior. If you’re sold on a car rental in the UAE, your best bet is picking one up from Dubai or Abu Dhabi international airports. It’s worth remembering that the driving may be quite different from back home. Local drivers don’t often use indicators when changing lanes and many drivers will stick to the fast lane for the entire journey. Try to avoid driving at night and during rush hour traffic in the morning and evening. 

A Taste of the French Caribbean

Luxurious and yet affordable, Martinique is 1,080 km2 of incredible French Caribbean landscapes. 

This is definitely a destination for those with a taste for adventure. Canyoning, hiking, ATVing and horseback riding, are just a few of the outdoor activities that await you on the island. Renting a fully-electric mini from Green Motion Martinique is the perfect way to get from one activity to the next, with the peace of mind that you are helping to protect this beautiful island's eco-systems.

For those looking for a bit of R&R, we recommend the southern part of Martinique. This is where you will find the warm waters and picture-perfect white sand beaches. With an amazing choice of premium vehicles to hire, Green Motion Martnique will make sure that your driving experience matches the luxury that you will experience everywhere else on this island.

Martinque is also a paradise for anyone seeking some retail therapy, as the island embraces its heritage and produces some fantastic hand-made crafts and souvenirs. Make sure you consider the luggage capacity when choosing your ideal rental vehicle! Martinique offers an exquisite culinary treat for those wanting to try the island's unique flavours and spices.

A gem of the Caribbean, Martinique offers so much to those visiting the island, and Green Motion Martinique will ensure that you have the freedom to make the most of this memorable destination.

For more information about hiring with Green Motion in Martinique and worldwide, visit

Sweden Travel Guide

Sweden Travel Guide

Sweden might be one of the largest countries in Europe, but it’s also one of the least populated, meaning you have vast swathes of countryside to explore. This is a land of Scandi-cool design, rocky archipelagos and some of the most enviable scenery on the continent. And don’t forget the Northern Lights in the far north of the country which is, perhaps, best reached in your own Sweden rental car. The capital Stockholm makes for the best introduction to the country. This dynamic city is often referred to as ‘beauty on water’, and those who visit rarely disagree.

Dining in Sweden

Swedish food is so much more than their iconic meatballs. While it’s impossible to list every dish, there are certain things to keep an eye out for like räksmörgås, a single slice sandwich topped with everything from shrimps to boiled eggs and crème fraiche. If you’ve driven your Sweden car rental out into the countryside in the height of summer, look out for one of the kraftskivor crayfish parties where their bite-sized freshwater shellfish are served up accompanied by beer and wine. Then there’s lingonberries which make their way into everything from porridge to black pudding. Your smorgasbord wouldn’t be complete without a slice or two of gravid lax.

Attractions in Sweden

Stockholm is such an attraction-laden place, you could easily spend your whole getaway exploring its charms. Start with the Kulterhuset which houses ever changing photographic exhibitions and culture expositions before visiting the Globe Arena to catch one of the sporting events. If you have the time, the Skansen, one of the world’s largest open-air museums featuring more than 150 historical buildings is certainly worth a visit, as is the Vasa Museum which houses a 17th century ship. There’s more beyond the city. If you take your Sweden hire car over to Gothenburg you can visit the Liseberg amusement park, while the Fyrishov holiday park in Uppsala is perfect for families with kids.

Sweden driving routes

You’d be surprised about how many stunning roads to take your car hire in Sweden on. The Emigrants Path through Smaland takes you on a journey through southern Sweden while Highway E4 hugs the gorgeous coast. For something a little different, try the Blue Road, or Bla Vagen, which takes you along the Ume River and passes vast swathes of pine forests. Or there’s the Flatruetvagen along road 535 which serves as the highest road in the country and connects the valleys of Ljungdalen and Funasdalen. If you plan to take the latter, it’s worth remembering that it’s often closed during the snowy winter nights due to bad weather.

Sweden car rental

Having your own hire car in Sweden just makes so much sense. What could better than being able to explore the cities and countryside at your own pace. If you’re sold on a car hire, the best place to pick up your vehicle is at the international airport in Stockholm. Once you’ve nabbed your keys, it’s just a short drive down to most of the hotels in the city. It’s worth booking up a hotel with free parking spots as it can often be expensive to find a spot to leave your car overnight. In Sweden, you must drive on the right-hand side of the road and seatbelts must be worn by all passengers. You’ll also need to have your headlights switched on and set to dipped beam, even during the day. 

Lebanon Travel Guide

Celebrating the recent launch of Green Motion in Lebanon, take a look at our travel guide to the gateway to the Middle East.

Lebanon Travel Guide

This Mediterranean country is, for many, the gateway to the Middle East. It’s a crossroads of culture and religion, a fascinating place where East meets West. While many make a dash for the surprisingly hedonistic capital Beirut, beyond the bustling metropolis and burgeoning party scenes lies a country steeped in history. Nab a Beirut car rental when you land and get off the well beaten tourist trail where you’ll be rewarded with long swathes of gorgeous coastline, magnificent mountain trails, a long list of ancient ruins and friendly locals. Over the last few years, the government guidelines for travel to the country have significantly widened opening much of Lebanon for exploration. Good news, particularly if you’ve scored a Lebanon car rental which offers the freedom to discover this truly beautiful country.

Dining in Lebanon

Like much of the Middle East, the cuisine is Lebanon is extraordinarily diverse. There are more than just shawarmas and koftas. Trust us when we say that it’s nothing like your local Lebanese restaurant. With its abundantly good climate, it’s no surprise that the country produces some fine produce which gets used for minty, tomato tabbouleh and fattoush salads. It’s simply criminal to visit Lebanon and not try the crispy falafels best dipped in oily hummus. Some of the best is found in the rural regions. Hop in your Lebanon car rental and head off to try kibbe nayeh, manakeesh and sfeeha. Then there’s kunafeh, an indulgent pasty made from cheese, syrup and nuts.

Attractions in Lebanon

It would simply be impossible to list every attraction you could potentially reach using your car rental in Lebanon. However, there are some standout highlights. Culture vultures and history buffs will be bowled over by the Temple of Bacchus and the Roman complex of Baalbek. Plus, there’s the exquisite National Museum of Beirut, a treasure trove of ancient artefacts. Shoppers could give their credit cards a bruising along Saida Souq, while outdoorsy types should make a beeline for the Jeita Grotto cave system, one of the region’s most celebrated natural wonders. Alternatively, you could use your Lebanon car rental to drive to Shouf Biosphere Reserve to walk along some of the 250 kilometres of hiking trails.

Lebanon driving routes

While the country is packed with scenic driving routes, one of the best places to use your Lebanon car rental is north. Kick off from Beirut early in the morning and make your first stop in Jbeil, an ancient city that’s been inhabited for thousands of years. Stop at Batroun Port for views and then make a pitstop the 17th-century Mseilha Fort. Lebanon’s second largest city, Tripoli, teems with history and culture and is well worth discovering over a day or two. Finish with the long stretch to Akkar passing mountain scenery and lush countryside before returning to Beirut.

Lebanon car rental

If you truly want to explore Lebanon and not spend your entire vacation in the capital, the only sensible method to get around is using your own Lebanon car rental. If you’re sold on a road trip, the best place to pick up your car is at Beirut International Airport. There are a few things worth remembering before you do. You’ll need a full, clean driving license. Be extra vigilant on the roads, particularly in rural areas where local drivers tend to speed and swerve. Try to avoid driving at night and during the rush hours in the morning and evening.  

Austria Travel Guide

Austria Travel Guide

Few countries in Europe are as magical as Austria - an alpine land hugged by sweeping pine forests, glistening lakes and Baroque-studded cities. The natural starting point is the staggeringly beautiful capital Vienna. Nab your Austria car rental at Vienna airport and head down into the city to discover its serious musical pedigree. This is the city where the likes of Ludwig van Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and many more musicians cut their teeth, perhaps inspired by the rows of imperial palaces and Baroque churches. Don’t confine yourself to just the capital though. Your Vienna car rental offers you the freedom to explore the meandering valleys, snow-capped mountain scenery and flower-studded meadows that lie beyond.

Dining in Austria

There’s no doubt, the Viennese know how to eat out. A good starting point is one of the capital’s exquisite coffee houses where you can taste roasted brews accompanied by fine cakes. Whether you stay in Vienna or take your Austrian car hire outside the city, it’s unthinkable to visit the country and not try a portion of their iconic schnitzel, pounded and breaded chicken or pork lightly fried until golden. Then there’s tafelspitz, broth boiled beef or veal served with apple sauce and horseradish. It’s not all about the age-old classics. There are plenty of innovative restaurants whose chefs are creating new and exciting Viennese dishes that pair well with the country’s finest wines.

Attractions in Austria

It would simply be impossible to list every attraction that you could reach with your car rental in Austria. Whether you’re a culture vulture, foodie or outdoorsy type, you’ll always find something to do which fits the bill. First timers shouldn’t skip a visit to the charming Old Town of Salzburg or the picture-perfect lakeside town of Hallstatt. Then there’s the great outdoors like Lake Attersee which attracts swimmers and water sports junkies during the summer. Or the mountains in Innsbruck which provide a winter wonderland during the colder months. There are museums aplenty in Austria. Highlights including the Lentos Museums in Linz and the impressive Kunsthistorische Museum in Vienna.

Austria driving routes

If you plan to take your Austrian car rental for a spin outside the city, you can’t do better than the Grossglockner High Alpine Road. This almost 50-kilometre stretch of road which links Bruck and Heiligenblut is the highest surfaced route in the country and reaches heady heights above 2,500 metres. Best driven in the summer months, the route twists and turns with hairpin bends through some of Austria’s most spectacular scenery and you can stop en route to hike in the Tauern National Park or visit the Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe visitor centre. Pro tip: try to hit the road early, particularly in the summer when it gets a little crowded later in the day.

Austria car rental

There is simply no better way to experience the country than by scoring a rental car in Austria. If you’re sold, your best bet is picking one up at Vienna’s international airport. Before you do, there are a few things worth remembering. In Austria, cars drive on the right-hand side. Unless otherwise stated on signs, driving limits are 50 kph in the city, 100 kph on open roads and 130 kph on highways. While city gas stations are often open 24 hours a day, rurally they typically close at 8pm, so fill up early if you plan to drive later into the night. 

Eco Attractions Across The UK

We wanted to share with you some of Green Motion’s favourite Eco-Centred attractions for you to visit this summer, across the UK.

The Living Rainforest -

The Living Rainforest is an attraction based in Newbury run by the ‘Trust for Sustainability’. This organisation’s main aim is to educate visitors about why rainforests are ‘vital for a healthy future’ and promote the benefits of a more sustainable future for our planet. Although environmental education is the main purpose of the trust, the park itself boasts hundreds of animals from around the world and a multitude of opportunities to get up close and personal with many endangered species.

Green Motion love’s this parks ethos and highly recommends The Living Rainforest as the perfect eco friendly day out. This attraction is easily accessible from all Green Motion Central London locations, with the shortest journey from Green Motion Heathrow.

The Royal Botanic Gardens -

Set in Northern Edinburgh, the Royal Botanical Gardens provide the perfect environmentally friendly day out for those renting from Green Motion Edinburgh or Edinburgh Waverley with a journey under 10 minutes from both stations.

Green Motion advises that you spend a whole day exploring the site as its not just plants on offer. The Botanical Gardens as well as being aesthetically astounding, also acts as a research centre for plant genetics and conservation which is ofcourse vital for the protection of both the plants themselves and the animals that rely on their shelter and nutrients.

The Green Dragon Eco Farm -

Green Motion loves the ideology behind the Green Dragon Eco Farm and highly recommends that you take an afternoon to learn about the rare animals that live there and how the staff care for and conserve these limited breeds.

This Eco Farm is less than an hours journey from Green Motion Luton and is well worth the short trip to experience the life of an Eco farmer.

Birmingham Eco Park-

Described as a ‘secret wildlife oasis’ in the centre of Birmingham, The ‘Birmingham and Black country Eco Park’ is a must see. The centre has dedicated itself to re-creating and conserving natural habitats for a vast variety of animals within a city setting in order to educate the masses on the importance of protecting wildlife.

Green Motion Birmingham is just a 20-minute drive from the park and is highly recommended by locals and our staff.

Windmill Hill Farm -

The Windmill Hill Farm is located just a 20-minute drive from Green Motion Bristol and guarantees to be a day of fur, fun, crafting and conservation education! The farm boasts lavish gardens and a café serving food using products from the farm.

The majority of the site can be accessed for free but additional charges may apply for certain activities such as pottery painting and short courses.

Turkey Travel Guide

Turkey Travel Guide

Turkey has always been a crossroads between the East and West and the influences from both can be found across the country. It would simply be impossible to explore the whole country in one trip, even if you do have your own Turkey car rental. In fact, it would be a lifetime to truly get to grips with this complex country. Whether you’re looking to dive into Turkey’s epic history in the ancient port city of Ephesus, go hiking in the Kackar Mountains, take a hot air balloon over the rock formations in Cappadocia or get lost while bagging your shopping in the old Grand Bazaar, you’ll always find something to do.

Dining in Turkey

One thing is for sure – when you visit Turkey, you will eat well. Centuries of rulers and empires have all played a part in shaping the country’s varied cuisine. There’s much more than the greasy doner kebabs you find in your local takeaway. Keep an eye out for kokorec, a blend of seasoned sweetbread, hearts and kidneys cooked over charcoal. Or manti, tiny ravioli-style dumplings filled with lamb, onions and spices. First timers shouldn’t miss trying the iconic lahmacun, think dough topped with minced meat, peppers and spices before cooked until crispy in a wood-fired oven. Wash everything down with ayran, a cold salty yogurt drink that works well with Turkish cuisine.

Visiting Istanbul

There are few cities as historical or intriguing as Istanbul, a city that straddles both Europe and Asia. You could spend a lifetime exploring every nook and cranny of this ancient city and still not discover everything is has to offer. While it would simply be impossible to list every attraction there is, highlights include the Fatih Mosque, the Grand Bazaar and the Chora Church. It’s also the best place to pick up your Turkey car hire.

Visiting Ankara

Most aren’t even aware that Ankara is the capital of Turkey. It may not have the same number of attractions or nearly as many visitors as Istanbul, but those who visit are pleasantly surprised by its charm. Here, you’ll find an enviable food scene, some wonderful parks and a vibrant coffee culture along with several extraordinary museums.

Visiting Izmir

Izmir serves as Turkey’s third largest city and straddles the sun-soaked coastline overlooking the Aegean in the west of the country. It’s always been an important port city which brought in influences from nearby countries now found in the culture and cuisine. While many visitors pass through on their way to Ephesus, those who stay find ancient bazaars, fascinating museums and laid-back locals.

Visiting Antalya

If you’re using your car hire in Turkey for a road trip through the country, don’t discount Antalya which lies along the southern coast and is considered the gateway to the Turkish Riviera. It’s a laid back place with winding narrow lanes, old harbours and some fine examples of Ottoman architecture. Plus, there’s two urban beaches which are surprisingly clean.

Visiting Bodrum

Be sure to nab your accommodation early if you plan to visit Bodrum in the summer. During the warmer months the town’s population balloons with locals and foreigners who come for the long stretches of nearby beach, the ancient ruins and the trendy waterfront eateries. A thoroughly charming place that never fails to deliver on a getaway.

Visiting Dalaman

While the town itself doesn’t have much to offer visitors, there are still reasons to visit this corner of Turkey. Just a few miles south, you’ll find a dazzling coastline, one with rocky cliff sides which tumble down into turquoise waters, secluded little sandy bays and some fine restaurants whose menus are dominated, unsurprisingly, with freshly-caught seafood.

Visiting Samsun

Samsun lies along the northern coast of Turkey overlooking the Black Sea. It serves as a perfect stop off point for those taking their Turkey car rental on a road trip from east to west. If you’re feeling active, you can make a dash for one of the attractions like the city’s zoo or take the kids to Akyol funfair. Alternatively, make for one of the nearby beaches and kick back on the sand.

Visiting Trabzon

This northern coastal city was founded by the Greeks over 1,000 years ago. Over the centuries, influence for many civilisations have all left their mark on the cuisine and culture. A visit isn’t complete without a visit to Aya Sofya mosque which was converted from a medieval church or the Byzantine monastery in Sumela.

Turkey driving routes

There are some gorgeous driving routes in Turkey, but none can compare to a road trip along the truly spectacular Aegean coastline. While it’s possible to visit any time of year, the warm summer months are particularly beautiful. Drive along the road which hugs the waterfront stopping off en route at secluded little bays for refreshing dips, ancient ruins and charming little villages. The best place to pick up your Turkey car rental for a drive along the coastline is in Izmir. You can even take your car on one of the ferries to explore the islands of Cozcaada, Gökçeada and Cunda. It’s worth taking your time to explore it in depth stopping frequently to enjoy the memorising scenery.

Turkey car rental

While it’s tempting to spend your whole getaway in Istanbul, there’s so much more to see beyond and you can’t do better than nabbing your own car rental in Turkey. The best places to pick up a vehicle is in one of the international airports in Istanbul, Izmir or Ankara. There is more than 313,000 kilometres of paved road in Turkey, but not all is made equal. It’s worth planning your journey carefully as some of the porthole-laden roads simply aren’t up to European standards. It’s highly recommended that you don’t drive after dark and keep an eye out for animals and horse-drawn carts when you’re on those rural roads. 

Overlanding blog

Click here to read the 'Overlanding in Turkey' post to enjoy the Turkish adventures of the Overlanding team.

Driving Iceland’s Ring Road

If you’re looking for an unforgettable adventure travel experience, a road trip around Iceland’s Ring Road will not disappoint. There’s nothing like a good road trip - especially when driving past active volcanoes, blue icebergs, roaring waterfalls, and northern lights!

Iceland’s Ring Road encircles the entire country covering over 800 miles on Route 1. While you could technically drive the whole thing in less than 24 hours, the reality is it will take you at least a week with stops on along the way.

Renting a car for your Iceland road trip is essential. There are bus tours that drive the route, but by driving the circle yourself you'll have more flexibility, and can choose how long you want to spend at each location.

In summer this means you could be enjoying the sights until the middle of the night, but in winter you might want to get to your accommodation before it gets dark, but then look up in the sky during cloudless nights in search for the auroras. However we wouldn't recommend driving yourself in winter unless you are familiar with driving on ice and snow.

Most people start their Ring Road adventure from Reykjavik or Keflavik Airport. Don’t miss the chance to spend some time in the vibrant and colourful capital Reykavik either at the beginning or end of your trip.

From there, there are also separate trips to the Golden Circle (highlights include Thingvellir National Park where the Earth’s tectonic plates are being ripped apart, exploding geysers, and the impressive Gullfoss Waterfall), and the infamous Blue Lagoon to do, then look to head off around the Ring Road.

During your road trip around the Ring Road, see huge waterfalls such as Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss, go hiking on Sólheimajökull Glacier, check out the abandoned plane wreckage on Sólheimasandur Beach, look out for the magical northern lights – especially on the east coast, investigate the hot springs and other geothermal features in the Myvatn Lake area and go whale watching in the fjords around Akureyri.

This roadtrip really has something for everyone – enjoy the beautiful country of Iceland in all its glory!

To find out more about hiring a car from Green Motion Iceland, visit

Romania Travel Guide

Rugged Romania doesn’t fail to charm with its modern cities, rocky mountain landscapes and fascinating history and culture. The capital makes for the perfect introduction to the country. Explore its world-class museums and galleries, hit the boutique shops to bag a bargain or follow the locals to one of the bustling city restaurants or bars. While it’s tempting to stick to just the capital Bucharest, there’s so much more to discover beyond the city walls. Your best bet is to pick up one of the Romania car rentals which offers the freedom to explore at your own pace. Whether you’ll looking to satisfy that inner culture vulture or hit the hiking trails in search of some of Europe’s most spectacular wildlife, you’ll always find something which fits the bill.

Dining in Romania

While Romanian cuisine might not have had its day in the lime light, dining out is always a pleasure. The country is known for its hearty, rustic cuisine where pork is king. For first timers, it would be unthinkable not to try the national dish sarmale, cabbage rolls stuffed with minced pork and rice. Then there’s ciorba de burta, a rich, buttery soup made from tripe, and balmos, a polenta dish topped with melted Romanian cheese. Head out of the city in your Romania car hire, and there are more treats to be found like mititei, a type of minced meat sausage, and a meat ball dish called cighiri. You can sign off any meal with papanasi, a traditional doughnut toped with sour cream and jam.

Attractions in Romania

Romania isn’t short on things to do. After you’ve explored the dazzling attractions in the capital, you can hop in your car rental from Bucharest and head off into rural Romania to explore the countries other attractions. History buffs looking for their fix shouldn’t miss one of the country’s most celebrated castles like the 19th century Peles Castle or Bran Castle, once the home of the rulers who inspired the stories of Dracula. Then there’s Romania’s natural wonders like Salina Turda, an impressive underground salt mine, Scărișoara Cave which houses Europe’s second largest underground glacier, or Berca Mud Volcano which has been likened to the surface of the moon.

Romania driving routes

If you’ve picked up your car rental in Romania during the summer months, you’re in for a treat. The famous Transfagarasan, Romania’s second highest route, has been named the best road in the world. The road links Sibiu to Pitesti and twists and turns through hairpin bends, through tunnels and across viaducts for more than 151 kilometres providing some of the most exciting driving imaginable. Along the way, there are some magnificent natural wonders to stop at including Balea Waterfall and Vidraru Lake. It’s worth remembering that the road is only open during the summer as winter brings the threat of snowy avalanches.

Romania car rental

So, you’re sold on a car hire in Romania. The easiest place to pick up your vehicle is at Bucharest’s international airport. Its just a short drive down into the capital and most of the hotels. Be sure to pick a hotel which has parking as spots to leave your car overnight can be a little tricky to find. In Romania, motorists drive on the right and overtake on the left. It’s worth remembering that the use of your horn is prohibited in urban areas between 10pm and 6am. Driving limits are in keeping with most of the rest of Europe – 50 kph in built up areas, 90 kph on the open road, 100 kph on the dual carriage ways and 130 kph on motorways. 

​Estonia Travel Guide

Estonia is quickly becoming one of Europe’s hottest new getaway destinations. With a completely unique culture that’s unlike any of its neighbours, vast swathes of forest-studded countryside and an enchanting capital whose Old Town has UNESCO status, it’s hardly surprising it’s making waves in the travel space. Whether you are coming to explore Tallinn’s long list of museums or galleries, joining the locals at one of the hedonistic underground clubs or diving into Estonia’s cuisine, you’ll never be disappointed. If you have the time, don’t confine yourself to just the capital. If you’ve scored an Estonia car rental, you can make a dash beyond the city walls to find outdoorsy adventures aplenty.

Dining in Estonia

Estonian cuisine is steeped in tradition. Over the centuries, influences from Russia, Denmark and Germany has permeated every pore of Estonia’s gastronomy. This is a country where food is seasonal, and pork is king. Look out for verivorst, a typical blood sausage served with sauerkraut or sult, a type of jellied meat. During the summer months, the countryside bursts into life with wild strawberries and berries. Whenever you visit, don’t avoid trying leib, a wholesome rye black bread. If you take your Estonia car hire out of the city, you’ll find other typical dishes like beet salads, herring and pancakes topped with jam and cottage cheese.

Attractions in Estonia

The capital Tallinn is packed with things to do – whether it’s bar hopping with the locals, making a dash for one of the world-class museums or galleries or simply strolling through the cobbled streets in the Old Town. Beyond the city walls, there are plenty more places to visit in your Estonia car rental. Try Tartu, a creative student city with won’t break the budget or the waterfront town of Parnu which is often crowned the summer capital of Estonia. Then there are the outdoor activities which are seemingly endless. Saddle up to gallop along the beach, lace up your boots to go hiking in the national parks or don those snow-shoes for wintery adventures.

Estonia driving routes

If you plan to pick up a hire care in Tallinn, you’re in luck because the country is made for road trips. After you’ve had your fill of the capital, you can take to the gorgeous country roads and make a beeline for the national parks. An almost 400-mile route can take you to Matsalu National Park, one of the best places to see birdlife on the continent, the wetlands and rivers of Soomaa National Park, and the beautiful marshlands of Emajõe-Suursoo Nature Reserve. Continue on to Puhatu Nature Reserve to see plenty more birds and mammals and end at Lahemaa National Park to photograph the seriously Instagramable Jagala Falls.

Estonia car rental

If you’re sold on a car hire in Estonia, your best bet is picking up your vehicle at the international airport in Tallinn. The process couldn’t be simpler, and you’ll quickly be on your way. Try to book a hotel in the capital with free parking spots for your car as finding a place to leave your car overnight can be a little tricky. In Estonia, you drive on the right-hand side and overtake on the left. Like much of Europe, all passengers must wear a seat belt and using your mobile phone while driving is illegal. The country has particularly strict rules on drinking and driving – in fact the blood alcohol content limit is absolutely zero. 

Slovenia Travel Guide

Slovenia is quickly becoming one of Europe’s most enviable destinations for summer and winter getaways. Expect staggeringly beautiful countryside complete with snow-capped beaches, winding rivers and a small but perfectly formed coastline which balloons in population during the warm summers. A good starting point is the capital Ljubljana which has continued to be voted one of the greenest and most livable cities on the continent. Here, you can dive into one of the fascinating museums or galleries, take sunny walks along the banks of the Ljublanica River or join the large student crowd in one of the live music bars. If you truly want to explore the country, you simply can’t do better than booking a Slovenia car rental.

Dining in Slovenia

Slovenian food is fusion food. Over the centuries, influences from its neighbours – Austria, Hungary Italy and the Balkans – have all contributed to creating a mouth-watering cuisine. There are plenty of dishes to look out for like belokrajnska pogaca, a type of savory baked cake covered in cumin seeds, kranjska klobasa, a smoked sausage typically served with sauerkraut, or idrijski zlikrofi, a ravioli dish that’s now got protected status. Head out of the capital in your Slovenia car hire and you can try Bled’s famous kremsnita, a buttery cream cake that’s been made in the town for more than 65 years.

Attractions in Slovenia

Whether you’re a culture vulture, history buff or outdoor enthusiast, you won’t have trouble finding things to do in Slovenia. After you’ve explored the exquisite Ljubljana Castle, you can take your Slovenia car rental beyond the city walls where there’s much more to explore. First timers to the country simply can’t miss visiting Bled Lake, one of the most spectacular in Europe, or Lipica to catch a glimpse of the famous Lipizzaner horses which have been bred here for more than 4 centuries. Then there’s the great outdoors. Highlights include Postojna Cave which has more than 20 kilometres of underground caverns and Triglav, a national park made up of jagged mountain peaks, deep valleys and sweeping forests.

Slovenia driving routes

If you’re going to choose just one driving route to take your Slovenia car rental down, make it the Solcava Panoramic Road. This 37-kilomtre stretch winds its way through some of the country’s most spectacular scenery. Head from Kranjska Gora down through the Gorenjska region crossing the magnificent Vrsic Pass. Expect vistas of tall mountain peaks, tumbling waterfalls and deep glacier valleys. There are few roads as impressive as the hairpin-strewn route which meanders up through the truly stunning alpine landscape cut by the Soca River. Be sure to stop en route to take in the fabulous views. Get ready for the drive of your life.

Slovenia car rental

If you’re sold on a car rental in Slovenia, you’ve made the right decision. Your best bet is scoring one of the vehicles at Ljubljana international airport. Once you’ve nabbed the keys, it’s only a short drive into the city and the hotels. It’s worth booking accommodation that has free parking spots included as finding a place to leave your car overnight in the city can be a little tricky. Planning on driving on the country’s motorways? Be sure to pick up a vignette, a toll sticker available for almost any petrol station.