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​Estonia Travel Guide

Estonia is quickly becoming one of Europe’s hottest new getaway destinations. With a completely unique culture that’s unlike any of its neighbours, vast swathes of forest-studded countryside and an enchanting capital whose Old Town has UNESCO status, it’s hardly surprising it’s making waves in the travel space. Whether you are coming to explore Tallinn’s long list of museums or galleries, joining the locals at one of the hedonistic underground clubs or diving into Estonia’s cuisine, you’ll never be disappointed. If you have the time, don’t confine yourself to just the capital. If you’ve scored an Estonia car rental, you can make a dash beyond the city walls to find outdoorsy adventures aplenty.

Dining in Estonia

Estonian cuisine is steeped in tradition. Over the centuries, influences from Russia, Denmark and Germany has permeated every pore of Estonia’s gastronomy. This is a country where food is seasonal, and pork is king. Look out for verivorst, a typical blood sausage served with sauerkraut or sult, a type of jellied meat. During the summer months, the countryside bursts into life with wild strawberries and berries. Whenever you visit, don’t avoid trying leib, a wholesome rye black bread. If you take your Estonia car hire out of the city, you’ll find other typical dishes like beet salads, herring and pancakes topped with jam and cottage cheese.

Attractions in Estonia

The capital Tallinn is packed with things to do – whether it’s bar hopping with the locals, making a dash for one of the world-class museums or galleries or simply strolling through the cobbled streets in the Old Town. Beyond the city walls, there are plenty more places to visit in your Estonia car rental. Try Tartu, a creative student city with won’t break the budget or the waterfront town of Parnu which is often crowned the summer capital of Estonia. Then there are the outdoor activities which are seemingly endless. Saddle up to gallop along the beach, lace up your boots to go hiking in the national parks or don those snow-shoes for wintery adventures.

Estonia driving routes

If you plan to pick up a hire care in Tallinn, you’re in luck because the country is made for road trips. After you’ve had your fill of the capital, you can take to the gorgeous country roads and make a beeline for the national parks. An almost 400-mile route can take you to Matsalu National Park, one of the best places to see birdlife on the continent, the wetlands and rivers of Soomaa National Park, and the beautiful marshlands of Emajõe-Suursoo Nature Reserve. Continue on to Puhatu Nature Reserve to see plenty more birds and mammals and end at Lahemaa National Park to photograph the seriously Instagramable Jagala Falls.

Estonia car rental

If you’re sold on a car hire in Estonia, your best bet is picking up your vehicle at the international airport in Tallinn. The process couldn’t be simpler, and you’ll quickly be on your way. Try to book a hotel in the capital with free parking spots for your car as finding a place to leave your car overnight can be a little tricky. In Estonia, you drive on the right-hand side and overtake on the left. Like much of Europe, all passengers must wear a seat belt and using your mobile phone while driving is illegal. The country has particularly strict rules on drinking and driving – in fact the blood alcohol content limit is absolutely zero. 

Slovenia Travel Guide

Slovenia is quickly becoming one of Europe’s most enviable destinations for summer and winter getaways. Expect staggeringly beautiful countryside complete with snow-capped beaches, winding rivers and a small but perfectly formed coastline which balloons in population during the warm summers. A good starting point is the capital Ljubljana which has continued to be voted one of the greenest and most livable cities on the continent. Here, you can dive into one of the fascinating museums or galleries, take sunny walks along the banks of the Ljublanica River or join the large student crowd in one of the live music bars. If you truly want to explore the country, you simply can’t do better than booking a Slovenia car rental.

Dining in Slovenia

Slovenian food is fusion food. Over the centuries, influences from its neighbours – Austria, Hungary Italy and the Balkans – have all contributed to creating a mouth-watering cuisine. There are plenty of dishes to look out for like belokrajnska pogaca, a type of savory baked cake covered in cumin seeds, kranjska klobasa, a smoked sausage typically served with sauerkraut, or idrijski zlikrofi, a ravioli dish that’s now got protected status. Head out of the capital in your Slovenia car hire and you can try Bled’s famous kremsnita, a buttery cream cake that’s been made in the town for more than 65 years.

Attractions in Slovenia

Whether you’re a culture vulture, history buff or outdoor enthusiast, you won’t have trouble finding things to do in Slovenia. After you’ve explored the exquisite Ljubljana Castle, you can take your Slovenia car rental beyond the city walls where there’s much more to explore. First timers to the country simply can’t miss visiting Bled Lake, one of the most spectacular in Europe, or Lipica to catch a glimpse of the famous Lipizzaner horses which have been bred here for more than 4 centuries. Then there’s the great outdoors. Highlights include Postojna Cave which has more than 20 kilometres of underground caverns and Triglav, a national park made up of jagged mountain peaks, deep valleys and sweeping forests.

Slovenia driving routes

If you’re going to choose just one driving route to take your Slovenia car rental down, make it the Solcava Panoramic Road. This 37-kilomtre stretch winds its way through some of the country’s most spectacular scenery. Head from Kranjska Gora down through the Gorenjska region crossing the magnificent Vrsic Pass. Expect vistas of tall mountain peaks, tumbling waterfalls and deep glacier valleys. There are few roads as impressive as the hairpin-strewn route which meanders up through the truly stunning alpine landscape cut by the Soca River. Be sure to stop en route to take in the fabulous views. Get ready for the drive of your life.

Slovenia car rental

If you’re sold on a car rental in Slovenia, you’ve made the right decision. Your best bet is scoring one of the vehicles at Ljubljana international airport. Once you’ve nabbed the keys, it’s only a short drive into the city and the hotels. It’s worth booking accommodation that has free parking spots included as finding a place to leave your car overnight in the city can be a little tricky. Planning on driving on the country’s motorways? Be sure to pick up a vignette, a toll sticker available for almost any petrol station.