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Eco Attractions Across The UK

We wanted to share with you some of Green Motion’s favourite Eco-Centred attractions for you to visit this summer, across the UK.

The Living Rainforest -

The Living Rainforest is an attraction based in Newbury run by the ‘Trust for Sustainability’. This organisation’s main aim is to educate visitors about why rainforests are ‘vital for a healthy future’ and promote the benefits of a more sustainable future for our planet. Although environmental education is the main purpose of the trust, the park itself boasts hundreds of animals from around the world and a multitude of opportunities to get up close and personal with many endangered species.

Green Motion love’s this parks ethos and highly recommends The Living Rainforest as the perfect eco friendly day out. This attraction is easily accessible from all Green Motion Central London locations, with the shortest journey from Green Motion Heathrow.

The Royal Botanic Gardens -

Set in Northern Edinburgh, the Royal Botanical Gardens provide the perfect environmentally friendly day out for those renting from Green Motion Edinburgh or Edinburgh Waverley with a journey under 10 minutes from both stations.

Green Motion advises that you spend a whole day exploring the site as its not just plants on offer. The Botanical Gardens as well as being aesthetically astounding, also acts as a research centre for plant genetics and conservation which is ofcourse vital for the protection of both the plants themselves and the animals that rely on their shelter and nutrients.

The Green Dragon Eco Farm -

Green Motion loves the ideology behind the Green Dragon Eco Farm and highly recommends that you take an afternoon to learn about the rare animals that live there and how the staff care for and conserve these limited breeds.

This Eco Farm is less than an hours journey from Green Motion Luton and is well worth the short trip to experience the life of an Eco farmer.

Birmingham Eco Park-

Described as a ‘secret wildlife oasis’ in the centre of Birmingham, The ‘Birmingham and Black country Eco Park’ is a must see. The centre has dedicated itself to re-creating and conserving natural habitats for a vast variety of animals within a city setting in order to educate the masses on the importance of protecting wildlife.

Green Motion Birmingham is just a 20-minute drive from the park and is highly recommended by locals and our staff.

Windmill Hill Farm -

The Windmill Hill Farm is located just a 20-minute drive from Green Motion Bristol and guarantees to be a day of fur, fun, crafting and conservation education! The farm boasts lavish gardens and a café serving food using products from the farm.

The majority of the site can be accessed for free but additional charges may apply for certain activities such as pottery painting and short courses.

Turkey Travel Guide

Turkey Travel Guide

Turkey has always been a crossroads between the East and West and the influences from both can be found across the country. It would simply be impossible to explore the whole country in one trip, even if you do have your own Turkey car rental. In fact, it would be a lifetime to truly get to grips with this complex country. Whether you’re looking to dive into Turkey’s epic history in the ancient port city of Ephesus, go hiking in the Kackar Mountains, take a hot air balloon over the rock formations in Cappadocia or get lost while bagging your shopping in the old Grand Bazaar, you’ll always find something to do.

Dining in Turkey

One thing is for sure – when you visit Turkey, you will eat well. Centuries of rulers and empires have all played a part in shaping the country’s varied cuisine. There’s much more than the greasy doner kebabs you find in your local takeaway. Keep an eye out for kokorec, a blend of seasoned sweetbread, hearts and kidneys cooked over charcoal. Or manti, tiny ravioli-style dumplings filled with lamb, onions and spices. First timers shouldn’t miss trying the iconic lahmacun, think dough topped with minced meat, peppers and spices before cooked until crispy in a wood-fired oven. Wash everything down with ayran, a cold salty yogurt drink that works well with Turkish cuisine.

Visiting Istanbul

There are few cities as historical or intriguing as Istanbul, a city that straddles both Europe and Asia. You could spend a lifetime exploring every nook and cranny of this ancient city and still not discover everything is has to offer. While it would simply be impossible to list every attraction there is, highlights include the Fatih Mosque, the Grand Bazaar and the Chora Church. It’s also the best place to pick up your Turkey car hire.

Visiting Ankara

Most aren’t even aware that Ankara is the capital of Turkey. It may not have the same number of attractions or nearly as many visitors as Istanbul, but those who visit are pleasantly surprised by its charm. Here, you’ll find an enviable food scene, some wonderful parks and a vibrant coffee culture along with several extraordinary museums.

Visiting Izmir

Izmir serves as Turkey’s third largest city and straddles the sun-soaked coastline overlooking the Aegean in the west of the country. It’s always been an important port city which brought in influences from nearby countries now found in the culture and cuisine. While many visitors pass through on their way to Ephesus, those who stay find ancient bazaars, fascinating museums and laid-back locals.

Visiting Antalya

If you’re using your car hire in Turkey for a road trip through the country, don’t discount Antalya which lies along the southern coast and is considered the gateway to the Turkish Riviera. It’s a laid back place with winding narrow lanes, old harbours and some fine examples of Ottoman architecture. Plus, there’s two urban beaches which are surprisingly clean.

Visiting Bodrum

Be sure to nab your accommodation early if you plan to visit Bodrum in the summer. During the warmer months the town’s population balloons with locals and foreigners who come for the long stretches of nearby beach, the ancient ruins and the trendy waterfront eateries. A thoroughly charming place that never fails to deliver on a getaway.

Visiting Dalaman

While the town itself doesn’t have much to offer visitors, there are still reasons to visit this corner of Turkey. Just a few miles south, you’ll find a dazzling coastline, one with rocky cliff sides which tumble down into turquoise waters, secluded little sandy bays and some fine restaurants whose menus are dominated, unsurprisingly, with freshly-caught seafood.

Visiting Samsun

Samsun lies along the northern coast of Turkey overlooking the Black Sea. It serves as a perfect stop off point for those taking their Turkey car rental on a road trip from east to west. If you’re feeling active, you can make a dash for one of the attractions like the city’s zoo or take the kids to Akyol funfair. Alternatively, make for one of the nearby beaches and kick back on the sand.

Visiting Trabzon

This northern coastal city was founded by the Greeks over 1,000 years ago. Over the centuries, influence for many civilisations have all left their mark on the cuisine and culture. A visit isn’t complete without a visit to Aya Sofya mosque which was converted from a medieval church or the Byzantine monastery in Sumela.

Turkey driving routes

There are some gorgeous driving routes in Turkey, but none can compare to a road trip along the truly spectacular Aegean coastline. While it’s possible to visit any time of year, the warm summer months are particularly beautiful. Drive along the road which hugs the waterfront stopping off en route at secluded little bays for refreshing dips, ancient ruins and charming little villages. The best place to pick up your Turkey car rental for a drive along the coastline is in Izmir. You can even take your car on one of the ferries to explore the islands of Cozcaada, Gökçeada and Cunda. It’s worth taking your time to explore it in depth stopping frequently to enjoy the memorising scenery.

Turkey car rental

While it’s tempting to spend your whole getaway in Istanbul, there’s so much more to see beyond and you can’t do better than nabbing your own car rental in Turkey. The best places to pick up a vehicle is in one of the international airports in Istanbul, Izmir or Ankara. There is more than 313,000 kilometres of paved road in Turkey, but not all is made equal. It’s worth planning your journey carefully as some of the porthole-laden roads simply aren’t up to European standards. It’s highly recommended that you don’t drive after dark and keep an eye out for animals and horse-drawn carts when you’re on those rural roads. 

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