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Lebanon Travel Guide

Celebrating the recent launch of Green Motion in Lebanon, take a look at our travel guide to the gateway to the Middle East.

Lebanon Travel Guide

This Mediterranean country is, for many, the gateway to the Middle East. It’s a crossroads of culture and religion, a fascinating place where East meets West. While many make a dash for the surprisingly hedonistic capital Beirut, beyond the bustling metropolis and burgeoning party scenes lies a country steeped in history. Nab a Beirut car rental when you land and get off the well beaten tourist trail where you’ll be rewarded with long swathes of gorgeous coastline, magnificent mountain trails, a long list of ancient ruins and friendly locals. Over the last few years, the government guidelines for travel to the country have significantly widened opening much of Lebanon for exploration. Good news, particularly if you’ve scored a Lebanon car rental which offers the freedom to discover this truly beautiful country.

Dining in Lebanon

Like much of the Middle East, the cuisine is Lebanon is extraordinarily diverse. There are more than just shawarmas and koftas. Trust us when we say that it’s nothing like your local Lebanese restaurant. With its abundantly good climate, it’s no surprise that the country produces some fine produce which gets used for minty, tomato tabbouleh and fattoush salads. It’s simply criminal to visit Lebanon and not try the crispy falafels best dipped in oily hummus. Some of the best is found in the rural regions. Hop in your Lebanon car rental and head off to try kibbe nayeh, manakeesh and sfeeha. Then there’s kunafeh, an indulgent pasty made from cheese, syrup and nuts.

Attractions in Lebanon

It would simply be impossible to list every attraction you could potentially reach using your car rental in Lebanon. However, there are some standout highlights. Culture vultures and history buffs will be bowled over by the Temple of Bacchus and the Roman complex of Baalbek. Plus, there’s the exquisite National Museum of Beirut, a treasure trove of ancient artefacts. Shoppers could give their credit cards a bruising along Saida Souq, while outdoorsy types should make a beeline for the Jeita Grotto cave system, one of the region’s most celebrated natural wonders. Alternatively, you could use your Lebanon car rental to drive to Shouf Biosphere Reserve to walk along some of the 250 kilometres of hiking trails.

Lebanon driving routes

While the country is packed with scenic driving routes, one of the best places to use your Lebanon car rental is north. Kick off from Beirut early in the morning and make your first stop in Jbeil, an ancient city that’s been inhabited for thousands of years. Stop at Batroun Port for views and then make a pitstop the 17th-century Mseilha Fort. Lebanon’s second largest city, Tripoli, teems with history and culture and is well worth discovering over a day or two. Finish with the long stretch to Akkar passing mountain scenery and lush countryside before returning to Beirut.

Lebanon car rental

If you truly want to explore Lebanon and not spend your entire vacation in the capital, the only sensible method to get around is using your own Lebanon car rental. If you’re sold on a road trip, the best place to pick up your car is at Beirut International Airport. There are a few things worth remembering before you do. You’ll need a full, clean driving license. Be extra vigilant on the roads, particularly in rural areas where local drivers tend to speed and swerve. Try to avoid driving at night and during the rush hours in the morning and evening.  

Austria Travel Guide

Austria Travel Guide

Few countries in Europe are as magical as Austria - an alpine land hugged by sweeping pine forests, glistening lakes and Baroque-studded cities. The natural starting point is the staggeringly beautiful capital Vienna. Nab your Austria car rental at Vienna airport and head down into the city to discover its serious musical pedigree. This is the city where the likes of Ludwig van Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and many more musicians cut their teeth, perhaps inspired by the rows of imperial palaces and Baroque churches. Don’t confine yourself to just the capital though. Your Vienna car rental offers you the freedom to explore the meandering valleys, snow-capped mountain scenery and flower-studded meadows that lie beyond.

Dining in Austria

There’s no doubt, the Viennese know how to eat out. A good starting point is one of the capital’s exquisite coffee houses where you can taste roasted brews accompanied by fine cakes. Whether you stay in Vienna or take your Austrian car hire outside the city, it’s unthinkable to visit the country and not try a portion of their iconic schnitzel, pounded and breaded chicken or pork lightly fried until golden. Then there’s tafelspitz, broth boiled beef or veal served with apple sauce and horseradish. It’s not all about the age-old classics. There are plenty of innovative restaurants whose chefs are creating new and exciting Viennese dishes that pair well with the country’s finest wines.

Attractions in Austria

It would simply be impossible to list every attraction that you could reach with your car rental in Austria. Whether you’re a culture vulture, foodie or outdoorsy type, you’ll always find something to do which fits the bill. First timers shouldn’t skip a visit to the charming Old Town of Salzburg or the picture-perfect lakeside town of Hallstatt. Then there’s the great outdoors like Lake Attersee which attracts swimmers and water sports junkies during the summer. Or the mountains in Innsbruck which provide a winter wonderland during the colder months. There are museums aplenty in Austria. Highlights including the Lentos Museums in Linz and the impressive Kunsthistorische Museum in Vienna.

Austria driving routes

If you plan to take your Austrian car rental for a spin outside the city, you can’t do better than the Grossglockner High Alpine Road. This almost 50-kilometre stretch of road which links Bruck and Heiligenblut is the highest surfaced route in the country and reaches heady heights above 2,500 metres. Best driven in the summer months, the route twists and turns with hairpin bends through some of Austria’s most spectacular scenery and you can stop en route to hike in the Tauern National Park or visit the Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe visitor centre. Pro tip: try to hit the road early, particularly in the summer when it gets a little crowded later in the day.

Austria car rental

There is simply no better way to experience the country than by scoring a rental car in Austria. If you’re sold, your best bet is picking one up at Vienna’s international airport. Before you do, there are a few things worth remembering. In Austria, cars drive on the right-hand side. Unless otherwise stated on signs, driving limits are 50 kph in the city, 100 kph on open roads and 130 kph on highways. While city gas stations are often open 24 hours a day, rurally they typically close at 8pm, so fill up early if you plan to drive later into the night.