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A Taste of the French Caribbean

Luxurious and yet affordable, Martinique is 1,080 km2 of incredible French Caribbean landscapes. 

This is definitely a destination for those with a taste for adventure. Canyoning, hiking, ATVing and horseback riding, are just a few of the outdoor activities that await you on the island. Renting a fully-electric mini from Green Motion Martinique is the perfect way to get from one activity to the next, with the peace of mind that you are helping to protect this beautiful island's eco-systems.

For those looking for a bit of R&R, we recommend the southern part of Martinique. This is where you will find the warm waters and picture-perfect white sand beaches. With an amazing choice of premium vehicles to hire, Green Motion Martnique will make sure that your driving experience matches the luxury that you will experience everywhere else on this island.

Martinque is also a paradise for anyone seeking some retail therapy, as the island embraces its heritage and produces some fantastic hand-made crafts and souvenirs. Make sure you consider the luggage capacity when choosing your ideal rental vehicle! Martinique offers an exquisite culinary treat for those wanting to try the island's unique flavours and spices.

A gem of the Caribbean, Martinique offers so much to those visiting the island, and Green Motion Martinique will ensure that you have the freedom to make the most of this memorable destination.

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Sweden Travel Guide

Sweden Travel Guide

Sweden might be one of the largest countries in Europe, but it’s also one of the least populated, meaning you have vast swathes of countryside to explore. This is a land of Scandi-cool design, rocky archipelagos and some of the most enviable scenery on the continent. And don’t forget the Northern Lights in the far north of the country which is, perhaps, best reached in your own Sweden rental car. The capital Stockholm makes for the best introduction to the country. This dynamic city is often referred to as ‘beauty on water’, and those who visit rarely disagree.

Dining in Sweden

Swedish food is so much more than their iconic meatballs. While it’s impossible to list every dish, there are certain things to keep an eye out for like räksmörgås, a single slice sandwich topped with everything from shrimps to boiled eggs and crème fraiche. If you’ve driven your Sweden car rental out into the countryside in the height of summer, look out for one of the kraftskivor crayfish parties where their bite-sized freshwater shellfish are served up accompanied by beer and wine. Then there’s lingonberries which make their way into everything from porridge to black pudding. Your smorgasbord wouldn’t be complete without a slice or two of gravid lax.

Attractions in Sweden

Stockholm is such an attraction-laden place, you could easily spend your whole getaway exploring its charms. Start with the Kulterhuset which houses ever changing photographic exhibitions and culture expositions before visiting the Globe Arena to catch one of the sporting events. If you have the time, the Skansen, one of the world’s largest open-air museums featuring more than 150 historical buildings is certainly worth a visit, as is the Vasa Museum which houses a 17th century ship. There’s more beyond the city. If you take your Sweden hire car over to Gothenburg you can visit the Liseberg amusement park, while the Fyrishov holiday park in Uppsala is perfect for families with kids.

Sweden driving routes

You’d be surprised about how many stunning roads to take your car hire in Sweden on. The Emigrants Path through Smaland takes you on a journey through southern Sweden while Highway E4 hugs the gorgeous coast. For something a little different, try the Blue Road, or Bla Vagen, which takes you along the Ume River and passes vast swathes of pine forests. Or there’s the Flatruetvagen along road 535 which serves as the highest road in the country and connects the valleys of Ljungdalen and Funasdalen. If you plan to take the latter, it’s worth remembering that it’s often closed during the snowy winter nights due to bad weather.

Sweden car rental

Having your own hire car in Sweden just makes so much sense. What could better than being able to explore the cities and countryside at your own pace. If you’re sold on a car hire, the best place to pick up your vehicle is at the international airport in Stockholm. Once you’ve nabbed your keys, it’s just a short drive down to most of the hotels in the city. It’s worth booking up a hotel with free parking spots as it can often be expensive to find a spot to leave your car overnight. In Sweden, you must drive on the right-hand side of the road and seatbelts must be worn by all passengers. You’ll also need to have your headlights switched on and set to dipped beam, even during the day.