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10 of the world’s best eco-friendly luxury hotels

Who says luxury and eco-consciousness have to be mutually exclusive?

These days, going on a green break doesn’t mean sacrificing the comforts which you’ve come to expect on a holiday of a lifetime.

Many hotels with five-star service are starting to place a greater amount of emphasis on sustainability in a commitment to reduce their carbon footprint and, ultimately, help the environment.

From foraging in the Swedish wilderness for leaves to brew your morning cup of tea, to relaxing in your own above-water villa in the Maldives, why not have a look at some of the incredible holidays you could take whilst still looking after the environment?

The Whitepod Eco Resort, Switzerland

This resort, located in the Swiss Alps, offers the chance to sleep in luxurious pods in the middle of your own winter wonderland surroundings. The pods are low impact which means the utilise minimal water and electricity and only use renewable resources wherever they can.


The URBN hotel, China

The URBN hotel is China’s first carbon neutral hotel and it has plans in store to reduce its carbon footprint even further in the future. The decor of the hotel is made from recycled or locally sourced materials and they also make use of energy efficient lighting and cooling systems.


The Hix Island House, Puerto Rico

The Hix has become renowned for its environmentally friendly practices. The hotel uses solar panels to power both their electricity and hot water, they also use recycled water from the guests’ showers and basins to feed the guavas, bananas and papayas growing nearby.


The Ramada Eco Beach Resort, Australia

Undoubtedly one of the front runners in eco-tourism, the Ramada Eco Beach Resort does everything it can to encourage eco-friendly behaviour, from self-sustaining solar power to their very own on-site water recycling plant. The resort even offers the opportunity for guests to use energy monitoring systems in their eco-villas to monitor and adjust their individual consumption.


The Proximity Hotel, America

This Northern Carolina hotel currently has over 70 different sustainable practices in place, making them one of the highest rated green hotels in America. The building uses nearly 40% less energy than a conventional hotel or restaurant and water usage has been reduced by 33% through the use of high efficiency plumbing fixtures, saving two million gallons of water in the first year alone.


The Saffire Freycinet, Australia

The Saffire was created for the purpose of rejuvenating an area which had been previously damaged and limit any further impact. Since setting up, the Saffire Freycinet has implemented many sustainable practices such as installing energy efficient water usage and lighting, natural cycle air flow systems and double glazing. They have also spent a lot of time helping to recover the native plants to their natural form.


The Park Hyderabad, India

This relatively new building was created with the aim of encouraging sustainability. To aid the green aspect of the architecture, a unique metal screen cladding was used around the exterior of the building. This gives the structure a modern look and also maximises the use of natural light for both lighting and heating, reducing the need for electricity.


The Campi ya Kanzi, Kenya

The Campi ya Kanzi in Kenya was built using only local materials that had fallen from trees naturally. The also only employed local Maasai during the construction. The energy is sourced through photovoltaic panels and their water, which is their scarcest resource, is sourced from the rain using their special catchment system.


The LeFay Resort, Italy

The LeFay Resort in Italy boasts some incredible figures for their consumption of renewable energy, including: 100% for electrical energy, 85% for thermal energy and 100% for room cooling and air cleaning. They also take part in measures to improve their waste management, water saving and social responsibility.


Urnatur, Sweden

This Swedish stay offers accommodation which takes you straight back to nature. From staying in tree houses to foraging for leaves to make your own cup of tea. The heating is either solar powered or powered by wood collectied from storm fallen trees.