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Attitudes changing towards marine sanctuaries
​The US airline Southwest had to make an emergency landing yesterday morning
What can Britain except for the bank holiday weekend weather?
​Tesla’s Model X and Model S are extending their ranges as well as an enhanced Ludicrous Mode
​The amount of UK household rubbish rejected for recycling has increased
​Did you know your car could be severely damaging the environment?
WOW Air is giving away free flights to Iceland… if you plan on moving there
The UK has delayed a decision on the Hinkley Point Plant

The UK has delayed a decision on the Hinkley Point Plant

​Following the UK’s decision to delay a Franco-Chinese project to construct a nuclear power plant, the Hinkley Point plant, this has led to speculation that the new government may be reviewing its energy strategy to increase the role of renewables.

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The UK has approved planning permission for the Hornsea Two wind farm project
​The RAC Foundation advised that fleet and safety manufacturers could drive the demand for drive-safe modes on smartphones
​The debate on whether airline overhead storage should be locked or not included at all
Today marked the opening of Green Motion's car rental brand in Romania
Sojern has published its ​Q2 2016 Global Travel Insights Report
Green Motion Car Rental honoured as an International Green World Ambassador
​Thousands of passengers are still stranded after Delta flights were cancelled due to a power cut
​The plastic bag in Britain has essentially disappeared
The Ogallala aquifer in the US is drying up

The Ogallala aquifer in the US is drying up

It appears that already the underground water is near to the end of its life, leaving uncertainty on whether there will be enough water to irrigate the US for the rest of the summer season.

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2.5 billion coffee cups are thrown away yearly in the UK with the majority of them not being recyclable
An alarming 55% of younger drivers use their phone while driving according to Brake UK survey
Green Motion car hire expands its European operations with the opening of its Prague location, Czech Republic