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​BA passengers face a 3rd day of disruptions at London’s Heathrow Airport
Faraday Future is trying to raise $1 billion after running into cash issues
Waymo and Lift have forged a new partnership
A collection of long-range EV's are expected to hit the market by 2020
New research indicates high levels of air pollution affect sleep quality
Ford's first EV long-range car due to arrive by 2020
US and EU officials decide not to implement a ban on electronics on flights from Europe
Low hedges could reduce urban air pollution
Emirates have reported a drop in their annual profit
According to a Deloitte survey, there is a massive trust issue when it comes to autonomous technology
Uber expaning their Advanced Technology Group to Toronto
Finland's basic income experiment already showing participants have lower levels of stress
​Chevrolet’s new Bolt – an affordable long-range EV car
India has quadrupled its solar capacity in the last 3 years
Green Motion continues its European expansion with a new location at Ljubljana Airport in Slovenia
The UK government to publish their new air quality plan today
Tesla to launch Model Y by 2020
Green Motion arrives in 30 countries