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Green motion car hire belgrade serbia w640

Bustling Belgrade

A cultural maelstrom, this central European capital has changed owner’s dozens of times throughout history - as a result it contains relics from countless different eras. Belgrade’s history does not detract from its modern appeal however, a buzzing icon of the newly growing central European party scene means Belgrade promises to capture any travellers imagination.

Culture/ History

Belgrade’s culture and history is steeped in conflict therefore a visit to its Kalemegdan castle is crucial. Conquerors from Celtic tribes, the Ottoman and Roman empires have all left their distinctive mark upon this castle, anyone with even the slightest interest in history will find this ancient bastion beyond fascinating. In a similar vein the mausoleum of Maršal Tito, the Yugoslavian leader during WW2, is a must see for anyone wishing to understand Serbia’s complicated history. Given that here at Green Motion we pride ourselves on our electric car rental; it would be remiss not to point you in the direction of one of the museum of one founders of modern electricity - Nicola Tesla. Plenty of interactive electric elements will keep you entertained, and you can even see the man himself – his ashes are kept in glowing orb! Nip around the city in a Green Motion Opel (Vauxhall) Corsa.


Serbian food is a lively blend taking in influences from the Mediterranean, other central European states and more exotic flavours from Turkey and beyond. Serbians like their meat. This is full displayed at the simple, yet delicious “To Je To”, stacks of Kebabs, traditional Serbian sausages are only part of the carnivorous menu. For those with finer tastes, the Kalemegdanska Terasa offers the finest of Serbian cuisine all under the shadow of the great Kalemegdan fortress. To truly get a grip on Serbian culture a trip to the “Little Bay” restaurant is needed – the combination of beautiful food and a live Opera means you are truly immersed in the best of Belgrade. Discover Serbia’s culinary delights with a nimble Chevrolet Spark.

Nightlife/ Attractions

European party goers have started to turn away from traditional party islands in the Mediterranean and explore what central and Eastern Europe has to offer. During the summer months Belgrade’s party scene takes to the river Sava with boat and raft parties in constant flow. Brand new to Belgrade’s nightlife is Terassa Club, with a 1500 people capacity and constant events, will provide a typically crazy Serbian night. For a more varied experience Club Povetarac is open 7 days a week and provides a mix of all music genres, with specific attention paid to DJ choice, this is a club for true music connoisseurs. Providing the widely popular house music that European party goers crave is “Club 94”. With a large VIP section, this club can provide whether you want to be in amongst the crowds, or relaxing on a table.Have enough room for all your party with a 7 seat Chevrolet Orlando.

Around Serbia

To escape the bustle of Belgrade a perfect trip would be a tour along the famous Danube River. Take a tour by bike or boat and see the astonishing gothic Golubuc Fortress or experience the hugely historically significant town of Sremski Karlovci. Serbia’s mountainous geography provides the perfect environment for any trekkers, in particular the Fruška Gora mountain which has 17 different medieval monastery’s and is well worth a climb. Any historical tour of Serbia wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Niš, birth place of Constantine the Great, responsible for converting the Roman Empire to Christianity and thus introducing to the western world.For those after a more luxuries time Serbia’s many mountain spas can provide perfect relaxation – special mention go to Vrnjačka Banja andSokobanja. Cruise around Serbia’s beautiful mountain road in a cruise – perfect Opel (Vauxhall) Insignia.

Serbia’s mix of historical heritage and a rapidly growing party scene means this emerging European destination can provide for all. Green Motion has branches in both Belgrade airport and downtown - the best way to take in Serbia’s rich culture is on 4 environmentally friendly wheels, rent them with us.