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Google Maps to start showing eco-friendly routes

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Google Maps to start showing eco-friendly routes

Google Maps will start directing drivers to routes it calculates to be the most eco-friendly.

Google says it will highlight journeys that generate the lowest carbon footprint using mainly traffic data and road inclines. The feature would launch first in the US later this year "with a global expansion on the way".

The new feature is part of Google's commitment to combat climate change. 

After it is launched the default route on the Google Maps app will be the "eco-friendly" option, unless users choose to opt out of it.

So soon you will be able to use Google's eco-friendly maps to find your way around when driving your Green Motion eco-friendly rental car! 

To find out more about Green Motion's commitment to the environment, and how you can play your part in the fight against climate change when renting a vehicle with Green Motion at any one of our 450+ locations in over 50 countries worldwide, visit

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