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Green Motion car hire in Niš, Serbia is now open

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Green Motion car hire in Niš, Serbia is now open

Green Motion car hire is proud to announce the opening of our new Serbian location in Niš International Airport (Niš Constantine the Great Airport).

Green Motion in Serbia is owned and operated by the entrepreneur, Branislav Djurdjic who also has car hire branches located in Belgrade. The new rent-a-car location is situated in the car rental area inside Niš’ main airport terminal

Sustainable development within Niš is not only the considered choice but the core ethos of the community, with emphasis on air, water and fuel. For instance, Niš provides petrol with the best characteristics of 95, 98 and 100 octanes and the most premium quality of diesel.

Niš’ environmental awareness aims to improve the quality of its natural elements, thus preserving the environment for the city’s current inhabitants / visitors and future generations.

To book car hire at Niš with Green Motion and help to lower your impact on the environment, visit or call +44 (0) 2071864000.

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