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Green Motion continues to protect and improve the environment

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Green Motion continues to protect and improve the environment

Green Motion has a big passion for the environment. As well as offering a green vehicle rental service we have concentrated on ensuring that the principle activities of our business have the lowest impact on the environment as possible.

All of our franchised locations are true ambassadors for the green vehicle movement and regularly inspire us to continue to make changes to the way we view businesses.

The master country franchisee for Green Motion Costa Rica launched the Green Heart Fee in 2013. The Green Heart fee is a fee, which is charged to all customers (however customers have the option to opt out), which is then donated directly to the Costa Rican government who use the fund for environmental causes including the re-forestation and protection with the rainforest of Costa Rica. 

To date, the collective efforts of Green Motion and its customers have achieved a position of carbon neutrality by donating roughly £30,000, which has helped to plant circa 10,000 trees.

To find out the range of green vehicles available, visit the bookings page on the website, or call us on 03338884000 to speak to one of our team.

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