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Green Motion's Top 10 Eco Driving Tips

Hiring a car from Green Motion gives each and every customer the opportunity to play their part in reducing CO2 emissions. Hiring a low emission or electric vehicle is the first step to reducing your carbon footprint, but how can you become an even more ecological driver?

  • Get Moving! Your engine will warm up quicker when you’re moving so don’t turn your engine on until you’re ready to start your journey & save that extra bit of gas.
  • Save time and Fuel by combining short journeys, cold starts use a lot more fuel so save yourself a penny and get all your errands done in one day!
  • Read the road ahead, make sure you’re aware of any upcoming obstacles to avoid braking unnecessarily. Driving smoothly with gentle deceleration in time to avoid the hazard will help reduce emissions and also give your passengers a smoother ride.
  • Air -Con? Air-Non! When travelling at slow speeds turn off your Air-Con & open a window as it has a major effect on your fuel consumption. This effect is a lot less noticeable when driving at higher speeds so save the Air-Con for out of town trips!
  • Play by the rules! It is of course the law to abide by the national speed limits, this rule could not only save your life, but also save you a lot of cash. Driving at high speeds uses masses of fuel, travelling at 80mph will use up to 25% more fuel than at 70mph!
  • Tired of checking your Tyres? Underinflated tyres can increase a cars fuel consumption by almost 6%, this means that on average you could save up to £4 every time you fill up your car according to the average price of a full tank in the UK. By regularly checking your tyres you can reduce your fuel economy by up to 25%!
  • Let’s talk Gears. The Energy Saving Trust suggests that experienced drivers skip gears when the road conditions allow for it, whether this be shifting from 3rd to 5th or the reverse when slowing down using this trick will save you fuel and reduce wear and tear to your car’s transmission.
  • Switch off in Stand Still. If you’re waiting for any longer than 2 minutes, turn off your engine! Running your car unnecessarily even for a few seconds will result in needless fuel consumption.
  • Be more Refined! Re-refined oil is the easiest was to improve your carbon footprint. It negates the need to use non-renewable resources and the refinement process uses up to 85% less energy than producing conventional crude oil. Be an Eco-Friendly driver and protect our natural resources.
  • Go Green with Green Motion! Have you ever wondered what it is like to drive an energy efficient vehicle? Why not try one out for the day from your nearest Green Motion station, or do one better and spend your next holiday travelling in an eco-vehicle and show the other tourists how it’s done – www.greenmotion.com Don’t forget that every Green Motion direct booking contributes to our Green Heart foundation that supports re-forestation in Costa Rica - do your bit and go Green Motion.