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How To Have A Tree mendous Christmas

How To Have A Tree-mendous Christmas

We are undoubtedly at our most uneconomical around the holiday seasons with waste levels rocketing by 25% more than the average consumption level throughout the rest of the year, according to the Environment Protection Agency. By adopting just one of the tree-related ideas listed below, you will be able to host a more economical and ecological Christmas.

Most households will opt to have a Christmas tree as part of their celebrations. Real, potted trees are the most ecological option for activists this advent as they can be left in the garden for the rest of the year where they will continue to grow & contribute to eliminating climate change. Worryingly, the Carbon Trust estimates that a 2-metre artificial tree has a carbon footprint of around 40kg CO2e, which is more than ten times that of real trees that are burnt at end of their Xmas life. Whether you have opted for a real or fake tree this year, here’s how to make your decision a more ecological one…

Spruce up your old tree

If you already have an artificial tree, then the most ecological option is to re-use it for as many years as possible. The average artificial tree is said to last up to 10 years but with these simple tips, like Green Motion HQ, you’ll be using the same tree for many more years to come.

One fantastic way to breath new life into your artificial tree is to, well, add some life to it. Why not take clippings of branches and evergreen foliage from your garden to bulk out dwindling spindles? Cuttings from hardy trees and plants such as Ivy (be sure to use gloves when handling ivy) will not only reduce spending and waste, but is also a great way to add depth and dimension to your fading festive focal point.

FSC Certificate – It’s ElemenTree

It is vital if you’re are opting to for a real tree in your home this year that you check that it is FSC approved. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) run a global forest certification programme which identifies and promotes produce collect from, or made from sustainable sources.

ake your own Quali-Tree Decorations

You’ll see that most mass-produced decorations are obviously designed with nature as it’s inspiration, so why not choose the real thing? Pinecones, Holly, Ivy and dried festive berries/oranges can be used to embellish your home for free so it’s not only the planet you’ll be saving.

The eco-conscious consumer should also opt for LED or solar lights and try to restore old bulbs before resorting to purchasing any new lights.

Leaf your tree to be recycled

If you have already purchased a real tree then be sure to look into how to responsibly dispose of it. Most local councils will arrange for tree collections or drop off points to ensure they are responsibly recycled.

You can still use your tree after Christmas, so why Woodn’t you?

If you’d prefer to make some personal gain out of your shrub then there are other options available. Why not create crafts using the tree trunk; a saw and some varnish could be the difference between nothing and a new set of coasters or edging for your garden path. A simple and solid solution to woody waste.

A more Illus-tree-ious option

If you are privileged enough to live by a beach then dune restoration may be something your old tree could assist with! Many seaside communities ask locals to line their beaches dunes with Christmas trees to combat beach erosion and restore sand dunes. The trees will retain sand and vegetation against strong winds and also provide temporary accommodation or wildlife fighting the winter weather.

Similarly, if you own a lake or large pond then dumping your tree in the lake could revitalize your watery wildlife. Old Pines or Spruce trees provide the perfect decomposing habitat for marine life as the rotting wood attracts algae for fish to feast on. Some councils and fishery associations will even provide free collection services for old trees but it is of course vital that all ornaments and hooks are removed prior to the donation.