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Keep Calm - The Coronavirus

Green Motion International are very aware that in this period of uncertainty, there are a population of individuals suffering at the hands of the Coronavirus, many of whom are not even in direct threat of catching the flu-like symptoms. Whilst it is clear that this new pandemic is something of concern to the public and regular health advice must be released to keep us safe, it is important to think of those more easily panicked by the hyped-up headlines.

As humans, understanding what we can control and what we can not is vital to our well being and mental health. So, when simple routines such as shopping or even the usually mundane tasks of going to work or school become disrupted, especially when accompanied by a huge wave of public fear, it is unsurprising that the results are empty supermarket shelves and a global shortage of hand sanitiser.

The current situation worldwide is causing heightened anxiety amongst the masses but what about the 275 million people globally suffering from an anxiety disorder? With the ongoing public warnings, enhanced alerts and advice riddling the media, Green Motion International wanted to offer some guidance to those in need of a time out.

You are not alone

It is clear to see that this media panic is affecting everyone, not just those affected by anxiety. Even if you are alone in company, we are united by our human need for security. There are many services available to those feeling isolated, you can find more information on this here.

Worrying does not take away tomorrows troubles, it robs you of today's peace

Of course, the virus is a real threat BUT panicking will only initiate futile thoughts so try to filter through the emotive articles and find the fact. Green Motion International suggests the World Health Organisation (WHO) website as the most reliable source of information.

Say Sayonara to Social Media

Our world now revolves around social media so it's understandable that we look to these sources for information. However, the internet is filled with imitation scientists and businesses looking to attract clicks through exaggerated captions, so try to limit your social media screen time to around 30 minutes a day. Removing this non-stop cycle of worry-inducing language from the front of your mind will naturally reduce the feeling of panic. We'd also suggest turning off notifications from news sources as often these updates come with bold headlines and little valuable context. Refer to reliable sources such as the above World Health Organisation (WHO) for information.

Nothing in life is certain

As with every other element of life, this virus is still unpredictable but scientists are intently working on researching the virus so that we can stay ahead of the effects.

I can and I will

Try not to focus on feeling out of control or helpless. Focus on what you can do, as opposed to what you cannot do to keep safe. If you have been advised to work from home or to self-isolate, use this time to minimise the risk of germs in your space by sanitising your surroundings. Cleaning is a great way to alleviate feelings of stress for many anxiety sufferers, but also has its other more obvious advantages. Take full control of the elements you are able to and make a list on when and how you are going to do this. Accomplishing each chore will grant a sense of achievement whilst taking your mind off the media.

Rely on a routine... and avoid caffeine

As has been discussed above, lists and structure can really help to ease the effects of anxiety. If you are now self-isolating or working from home, use this time to treat yourself to a new routine!

Once you have designated yourself an area in your space to work from and a new 'work from home' mug (try to avoid caffeine if you're experiencing feelings of anxiety as substances such as coffee mimic symptoms of anxiety disorders such as shaking and increased heart rate), try to think of a few things that have made you feel calmer when previously panicked. Adding regular 10 minute breaks of dusting, exercising, cooking and decluttering can help create the new routine when working from home. Taking breaks is recommended when at work, so make sure you make the most of them and don't autopilot your way onto social media or news pages.

Caring for others is an expression of what it truly means to be human

If you are aware of individuals isolated by the virus, the elderly or those more easily susceptible to panic, then make sure they know you're there. Sometimes all it takes is a quick message to reassure someone that they are not alone and in this day and age most will have access to social media and emails meaning that no physical meeting or contact is required. If you are concerned about a neighbour or relative who is alone and without access to technology, try to get a note to them with your phone number so that they have someone to call when they're feeling worried. And remember, we're all in this together.

Contact Us!

Green Motion International, as a global networK, want to express that it is vital in these times of ambiguity that we stay connected and continue as best as we can. We are continuing to implement advanced cleaning procedures within our rental stations. Green Motion remain open to the public despite some of our locations being affected by border closures. If you have a reservation with Green Motion and are unsure what to do, please email our dedicated reservations team - [email protected]

You can find all our other contact details by clicking, here.