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See The Scintillating Sights Of Serbia

Serbia is coated in a rich and diverse history; it is the perfect place to submerge yourself in cultural experiences and soak up some scenery. Green Motion International are thrilled to present some of the must see sights of Serbia…

Historical Monuments

The Čegar Hill Monument was built on the date of the 50-year anniversary of the liberation of Ottoman Empire on June 1st 1927. This significant statue’s importance rightfully casts shadows over the original 1809 Nis Skull Tower which was erected by the Ottoman during a battle, to warn the Serbians against any future resistance by offering a reminder of the people they lost during the rebellion. Both of these captivating monuments as well as several other important historical sites such as one of the best-preserved Nazi camps in Europe (The Red Cross Concentration Camp), can be found less than 20 minutes away from Green Motion Nis Airport.

Religious Buildings

After almost 54 years’ worth of construction, the church of St Sava is the largest Orthodox church in the Balkan region and the second largest in the world! The structures incredibly impressive white granite and marble walls can be seen towering over Belgrade from any direction on your approach into the countries’ capital. In contrast, ‘The Saint Petka’s Chapel’ also in Belgrade offers an alternate view of Serbian religion, as this tiny building honours the Christian faith and impresses its visitors through decadent ceiling murals rather than it’s overwhelming scale. Another similar site is the ‘Crkva Ruzica’ church, known as ‘the Church of the Holy Mother of God’, which is also known for its small size and extravagant paintings and murals. This wonderful site is located less than 10 minutes from Green Motion Belgrade Downtown!

Family Fun

The ‘Kalemegdan Park’ is a great site to visit if you’re looking for a day full of family fun. The park offers a museum, a zoo, an amusement park and a souvenir shopping section and is located less than 30 minutes from Green Motion Belgrade Airport.

Whether you’re with children or not, the Belgrade Fortress is a must-see landmark because of its grandeur and historical importance, however, located in the middle of the castle’s courtyard is a surprise just for the kids! A novelty dinosaur park called Jura Avantura is home to a family of 35+ robotic dinosaurs, most of which roar, move and can be interacted with by the children. The Belgrade Fortress and Dinosaur Park are less than 15 minutes from Green Motion Belgrade Downtown.

Visiting in August? Join the thousands of people attending the ‘Nisville Music Festival’, held to honour the famous Serbian Jazz musician ‘Saban Barjamovic’. The festival is an explosion of lights, sounds and colour designed to celebrate all genres of music, specifically Serbian Artists. The festival is held less than 15 minutes from Green Motion Nis Airport.

Party Time

Serbia’s capital Is quickly becoming the new Ibiza! Belgrade is host to a continuous stream of huge outdoor parties and clubs revelling all around the city. Many of these events are held across bridges, in streets and in traditional town squares, this electric vibe can be felt pumping all around the city. In search of an alternative to the cliché Ibiza holidays, many travellers are choosing to flock to Belgrade’s year-round booming bars and clubs (most of which are now open throughout the day) rather than the short 3/4-month Ibiza season!