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Tackling climate change in Iceland by turning CO2 into stone

A creative and new way of tackling climate change has been successfully trialled in Iceland by pumping carbon dioxide underground and turning it into stone.

This new research appears to be a more secure and less expensive way of burying CO2 from burning fossil fuel underground. This type of carbon capture and storage (CCS) is believed to be able to halt the effects of global warming. Currently, projects of this kind have been storing the CO2 as a gas but there are concerns about the costs associated with this as well as the potential for leakages which have stunted the progress of many CCS projects.

However the new method of pumping CO2 into the volcanic rock under Iceland has actually sped up the natural process where the basalts react with the gas and form carbonate minerals (which make limestone). The researchers have evidenced that they were able to complete the cycle of this process in just 2 years – an amazing achievement has they had originally expected this to take hundreds to thousands of years.

To date, the Icelandic project has already increased in its scale to bury 10,000 tonnes of CO2 per year. The only thing which is holding this CSS back is insufficient action from politicians / leaders.

Many other inventive CCS methods are still being explored including one from the motor manufacturer Ford which interestingly employs CO2 to make foam for use in their vehicles.

Green Motion, as the environmentally friendly car rental pioneers, offer zero or low CO2 fleets throughout their locations worldwide. From full EV’s to hybrids and low emission diesels, Green Motion car hire promotes the use of renewable energy throughout its franchised network.

Green Motion offers its rent-a-car services throughout the world including Iceland where you can hire one of their low emission vehicles at either Keflavik International Airport or Reyjavik Downtown to explore Iceland's beautiful terrain.

As well as being present within Iceland, the brand is also available in 25 countries (and growing) - meaning that you can enjoy our low emission car hire service in Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada (Toronto), Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic (opening soon), Finland, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Jordan, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Mexico, Montenegro, Netherlands, Romania (opening soon), Serbia, Poland, St Maartens, United States (San Diego in California, Miami in Florida) and the United Kingdom (London Heathrow, London Gatwick and London Stansted) with further locations opening worldwide in the very near future.

For more information on placing a booking for an environmentally friendly vehicle for hire, visit greenmotion.com or call +44 (0) 2071864000.