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Terms & Conditions: Your A-Z to hiring a vehicle

When renting a vehicle through Green Motion, the Terms and Conditions (T&C’s) will be provided to you at the time of booking. It’s important that you take the time to carefully read through the T&Cs in order to ensure that you can comply with all requirements. These T&C’s are comprehensive and provide you will all of the information you will require to be fully informed and prepared when turning up to collect your vehicle.

Since there are Green Motion locations all around the world, and the terms and conditions differ slightly depending on the location you are renting from, please ensure that you visit https://greenmotion.com/terms and select the flag of the country that you intend to hire from to see the relevant T&Cs.

The Green Motion T&C’s provides you with a complete A-Z of hire and covers a wide range of topics including:

  • Amendment: should you need to amend your reservation, this outlines the requirements ahead of starting your rental.
  • Cancellation Policy: outlines details of how to cancel your booking, what refund may be due, along with any administration charges that may apply.
  • Complaints: provides details of how to raise a complaint, should the need arise.
  • Country /Cross Border Travel: provides information where applicable, along with corresponding rates.
  • Delayed Collections/ No show policy: provides important information regarding delays, customer’s responsibilities and the management of these by Green Motion rental locations.
  • Delivery and Collection: a service that may be available, depending on the location.
  • Driving Licence; Identification Requirements and Insurance Conditions: this details all of the documents you need to have in your possession when collecting your vehicle, identification requirements for main and additional drivers; and exclusions that may apply with regards to traffic violations or penalty points on your drivers’ license.
  • Early Returns/Unused Rental Days: explains policy terms in this regard.
  • Emergency Number: provided for some countries.
  • Excess and Preauthorisation: provides details on the excess and deposits required by car group/model and explains how preauthorisation works.
  • Fees: details any additional fees that may apply.
  • Ferry: If applicable and how to obtain rates.
  • Fines, Penalties and Administration charges: outlines customer responsibility and charges that may apply. More details can also be found under ‘How to Avoid and Manage Penalty Charge Notices (PCN’s)’
  • Fuel Policy: explains what the fuel policy is for the location in question and the customer’s responsibility when returning the vehicle.
  • General Terms
  • GDPR: provides details on the Green Motion privacy policy.
  • Hotel Delivery: where available, it outlines details that are required for this service when booking your vehicle.
  • Late Returns: In the instance that a vehicle is returned later than the contract period, this explains grace periods and charges that may apply.
  • Lost Keys: explains the Green Motion policy in this regard and the customer liability should this occur.
  • Methods of Payment: Outlines what cards are accepted for payment, and what cards are accepted for the preauthorisation of the deposit. See also ‘Can I use my debit card?’
  • Minimum/Maximum Driver Age: highlights age requirements for hiring a vehicle and restrictions and additional fees that may apply.
  • Mileage: provides details on the daily mileage included as standard within your rental, costs of additional mileage and details of unlimited mileage where available.
  • Non-authorized rental extension: how this is managed and penalties that may apply.
  • One-way Rentals: if available, what conditions / fees apply to this.
  • Opening Hours: provides details on location operating hours. Full details of specific franchise location’s operating hours and contact details can be obtained at: Green Motion locations
  • Out of Hours Service: provides details on applicable charges, should an out of hours service be offered at the relevant location.
  • Overseas Use: outlines where vehicles may be used, permission that must be obtained, charges that apply and applicable mileage policy.
  • Pricing: clarifies basis for rate and what it includes.
  • Rate: outlines what the daily rate includes.
  • Rental Extensions: provides details on this and applicable rates.
  • Roadside Assistance: explains the roadside assistance policy, what it covers and how it works.
  • Smoking: Green Motion have a strictly no smoking policy. Outlines details of this and the charges that apply should this policy be disregarded.
  • Special Equipment / Optional Extras: provides details on what is available and the charges that apply to these.
  • Valeting/Animal in our vehicles: outlines policy regarding animals and valeting/deep cleaning charges that may apply.
  • Vehicle Condition: this highlights the responsibility of the customer to return the car in the same condition as at the time of hire. To assist you further with this, you may wish to watch our video, ‘A guide to inspecting your rental car before you hire’
  • Vehicle Group/Model: Outlines vehicles classifications / groupings and the allocation of reservations in this regard.
  • Vehicle Trackers: explains how data is managed when a tracking device is fitted to a vehicle.
  • Voucher: stipulates presentation of voucher and conditions that apply if voucher is not presented at the time of hire.

Winter package: where applicable, when it applies and what is included or available at additional charge.