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The 74th United Nations General Assembly Boris and his 1 Billion Budget

The 74th United Nations General Assembly - Boris and his £1Billion Budget

UK Priminister, Boris Johnson, has recently designated the countries aid budget to combatting Climate Change. These funds will be bid for by British scientists who will use the £ one billion worth of funds to test and develop new technologies designed to battle global warming.

Twenty-One world leaders are speaking at the event today alone, Boris will be the last official to present. Boris is planning to officially announce his budget news, along with Britain’s fresh plans to help fight global warming at the 74th United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in New York, Today (24th September 2019). The event comes at a time of global tension as it falls just A day after the Climate Action Summit, attended by teen activist Greta Thunberg, as well as recent attacks on Saudi Arabian oil.

One of the main aims of the now named the ‘Ayrton fund’ is for British Inventors, Engineers and Scientists to work together to create new affordable battery powered and solar energy technologies for less developed countries including, the one billions people who currently have no access to electricity or other power sources at all.

Many other ideas have also been discussed as potential solutions to the planets growing temperatures, such as the introduction of more efficient cooling systems within residential properties whilst others are looking at making electric pressure cookers more accessible to those still using firewood for warmth and to cook (2.7 billion people globally!).

It has been decided by the Priminister that all major polluting-factories and corporations will be assigned assistance to reduce their carbon emissions and be educated on the importance of sustainability. A central part of this investment is to re-design and introduce low emission electric vehicles to the market at an affordable price, to cut the production of greenhouse gasses across the world.

Ahead of the conference, the Priminister claimed: ‘’ "I have always been deeply optimistic about the potential of technology to make the world a better place.’’. Despite his confident claims, environmental activists have strongly advised that changes to economic policies must be made as well as relying on the development of new technologies. The eco warriors stress that we will only have a considerable effect on reducing our global emissions once both of these actions are combined.

In addition to the new ‘Ayrton fund’, Mr Johnson will also reveal his £220m trust to save endangered animals such as the black rhino, African elephant, snow leopard and Sumatran tiger from extinction. He has stated the following in reference to the extension prevention pot - "If we get this right, future generations will look back on climate change as a problem that we solved by determined global action and the prowess of technology."

The key word being ‘If’ Boris!

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