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The COP26 2020 Go Green Glasgow

The COP26 2020 - Go Green Glasgow!

Glasgow has been officially selected as the main host of the 26th Conference of the Parties (COP26), with partner Italy holding the smaller preparatory events. It has been suggested that Glasgow’s major role in the first industrial revolution, as well as their stretch of recent fruitful eco-projects, were vital to securing the hosting position, the city now has ambitions to be at the forefront of the 21st century's Green Industrial Revolution.

The event, projected to create an international response to the climate emergency, will be held shortly after the next US Presidential elections in early November 2020. Over 30,00 delegates and 200 world leaders are expected to attend the 2 week-long conferences in which governments are expected to review their country’s previous years vow to fight climate change according to the latest sciences.

As the plans concocted at previous conferences are no longer substantial enough to make a significant difference to climate change, there is concern mounting that as the severity of the crisis escalates that the measures implemented to combat them will also have to develop at the same rate. Therefore, the Summit needs to develop immensely ambitious and credible net-zero transition strategies for each major country in order to meet with the growing challenge.

It is said that the 2020s will see the introduction of decades of research and clean technologies to a more available and affordable market. Electric vehicles are one of the main commodities that will become more affordable within the next decade as renewables and energy storage will undercut fossil fuels in many of the globe’s biggest economies, please click here to find out more information. The serious nature of the climate emergency is being continuously promoted within mainstream media alongside constant reminders of ongoing climate disasters around the world, such as the Amazon wildfires. The hope is that a generation will emerge that has grown up living in and understanding the true scale of the crisis, which will result in voters and consumers who mandate serious and continuous action.

As the 2020 summit will be held in the UK, there has now been a call for the government to fully commit to the importance of the event and engage with the huge responsibility it has taken on after doubts about their allegiance to the cause.

The UK Government has very recently undergone a spending review that shows climate change combatting initiatives were hugely debilitated and that there were many plans to cut environmental safeguards if we were to leave the E.U. In the interim, the specialist climate diplomacy team at the Foreign Office also faced huge cuts at the hands former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson which suggests he is fairly unconcerned. As if this wasn’t enough to cast uncertainty over Britain’s commitment to the COP26, our now Priminister Boris, has just postponed ‘Green Great Britain’ week which was planned as a rehearsal for the impending COP26 event.

With changes to global governments bodies due to take place prior to the conference, there is no way of knowing the success or outcome of the event. Will Britain be able to handle the heat?

If you’d like to visit Glasgow during the Eco Event then please contact our reservations department ([email protected]) or call the Glasgow branch directly to find out availability - 0141 433 8268.