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​Tiny churches to visit around the UK

If you are looking for a peaceful place to worship / meditate or are just wanting to admire some English architecture, then we have some tiny churches below that are far from the beaten path.

St Thomas à Becket in Fairfield

Located in a rather lonely but lovely corner of Romney Marsh, you will find this church which is surrounded by beautiful desolate surroundings. The church was recently featured in a TV adaptation of Dickens’ Great Expectations. Overall, the church is as it would have appeared in the 18th century, with minor adjustments due to time and its conservation.

The Italian Chapel in Orkney

In 1942, the small isle of Lamb Holm became home to around 1,200 Italian soldiers who were brought to Orkney. The prisoners lacked a chapel and, after some persuading, they were given permission to build one. They did a magnificent job by fashioning an alter out of concrete and installing windows with painted glass.

St Swithun-upon-Kingsgate in Winchester

St Fursey’s in Sutton