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​Travels Through Africa: Your Kenyan Journey

Travels Through Africa: Your Kenyan Journey

A gorgeous African getaway, there is a lot going for this destination. Packed with wildlife and long journeys through nature, every eco-tourist is sure to want to visit this country.

The importance of ecotourism in Kenya is becoming increasingly prominent; to cater for this new wave of customer, Green Motion are delighted to announce the opening of our Nairobi location. Our Kenyan franchise offers some great hybrid choices, and even a few electric models to offset your carbon footprint.

There are so many fantastic places to visit while you are here, making it a challenge to choose only a couple as our favorites. However, we are sure that these Kenyan destinations are going to be full of family fun, education, and the chance to better connect yourself with nature.

Things to Do in Nairobi

If you have always wanted to go on safari, you are in luck with Nairobi. You won’t need to use your rental vehicle once on the reserve, because your tour guide will take you to see lions, giraffes, elephants, rhinos, and more as you stop to take photographs. However, tourists are advised to use rental vehicles to travel to locations to avoid unregulated taxi fares. You can get a quote for your preferred rental period by clicking here. Alongside the safari, you also have the giraffe center, as well as the Nairobi Safari Walk. The latter of these is a long wooden boardwalk that takes you over the safari park so that you can watch all the animals below you. A heart-racing experience, and one that you are sure to remember forever.

Things to Do in Mombasa

Green Motion’s core ethos centers around the conservation and protection of our planet and its wildlife, so we wanted to be sure you’re aware of other organizations in Kenya who share the same ideologies. The town of Mombasa is where you really get to embrace nature and help support protected areas.

Hop into your eco-friendly rental car and make your way to each of their natural getaways. Start with the Diani Beach with its white sands and clear waters; home to beautiful marine life. Remaining on the coast, you can move onto Haller Park, which is full of local wildlife such as giraffes, as well as native plants. Formerly a quarry, it was turned into a reserve to help animal life flourish. Finally, you have the Mombasa Marine National Park and the Shimba Hills Reserve; each of which offer the opportunity to see wildlife up close without disturbing nature. Not to mention the breath-taking views.

Self-Drive Safari

The self-drive safari involves a more flexible experience than the guided tours usually offered as you are able to use your hire vehicle to explore the safari site yourself. We would recommend selecting a hybrid or electric rental vehicle for this activity so as not to contribute to the air pollution currently destroying the reserve’s natural habitats. Going with the self-drive option means that you can go on longer adventures, with no time constraints like you have with the toured version. Usually, you will be part of a convoy for safety purposes, and there will be the option to either camp out or just drive through for the day. It offers a really relaxing way of seeing all the animals you want to in your own time, and without disturbing them in their habitat.

Why Kenya?

Kenyan culture is one that we should all pay more attention to and learn to embrace. Some of the most wonderful people reside in this country, and their wildlife is often carefully cared for and protected. In fact, completely protected areas are plentiful in this region, which gives all of us hope for the continued preservation of our planet. We’d love to hear how your Kenyan adventure went, and if you decided to visit any of the locations that we went through in this quick guide.