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Cool Motion



Green Motion: Your Ultimate Electric Vehicle Experience

Make your journey as green as your destination with Green Motion's revolutionary electric vehicle (EV) rentals. As an industry leader, Green Motion is dedicated to transforming the car rental industry, while ensuring a sustainable, eco-friendly tomorrow.

Making Hiring an Electric Vehicle Easy:

Welcome to the future of car rental! At Green Motion, our commitment to innovation extends to our electric vehicle rental offerings. Whether it's your first time driving an electric car or you're a seasoned electric vehicle driver, our goal is to ensure a seamless rental experience.

Driving and Renting an Electric Car: Simple, Efficient, and Eco-friendly

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Discover the ease of driving an electric vehicle:

The Experience of Driving Green

Driving an electric car is similar yet different. Enjoy the quietness of a near-silent ride, devoid of engine noise, making for a serene journey. Experience efficient acceleration with immediate torque, guaranteeing swift movement from a standstill position.

Maximize Efficiency

Enhance your electric vehicle’s performance with these simple yet effective tips. Embrace a smoother driving style by gradually accelerating and decelerating, allowing you to conserve power more efficiently during your rides. Additionally, manage auxiliary features like air conditioning smartly to save energy, optimizing your electric vehicle's overall efficiency and performance.

Your Electric Adventure Awaits

Dive into the world of electric vehicles effortlessly with these key tips:


Get to Know your Green Motion EV

Get acquainted with the basics before hitting the road. Ensure car security becomes effortless by conveniently locking or unlocking your EV using either your key fob or card. Keep a close eye on your battery charge status through the touchscreen for easy monitoring. Additionally, start your EV effortlessly by simply inserting your key fob into the vehicle and pressing the brake for a smooth and seamless start-up experience.

Get Comfortable and Connected

Set up your driving space, connect your smartphone via Bluetooth for hands-free communication, and navigate your route using the touchscreen or voice commands.

Plug ev

Maintain Battery Life

Keep your EV charged to optimize its performance:

  • Charging Stations: Experience the extensive network of electric vehicle charging stations spanning across Europe, offering unparalleled convenience during your travels. With over 535,700 public charging stations strategically positioned throughout the continent, you have the freedom to charge your electric vehicle seamlessly, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted journey wherever your adventures take you.

  • Charging Process: Learn to charge your EV hassle-free and maximize efficiency to 80%.

Understanding Electric Vehicles: Environmental Impact and Technology

Learn about the technology behind electric vehicles and their environmental benefits:

People getting key in car

Types of Electric Cars

Explore the diversity in electric vehicles:

  • Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV): Runs solely on electric power, emitting zero exhaust fumes.

  • Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV): Combines electric technology and traditional fuel methods.

  • Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV): Offers extended range with larger batteries and dual power sources.

Charging car

Powering Electric Cars

Discover the science behind electric cars' propulsion and battery systems.

The driving force behind these vehicles lies in the lithium-ion battery packs, powering the electric motors that drive the car forward.

Understanding the charging process is key; it ranges from slow to rapid charging, with some models utilizing regenerative braking to capture and convert kinetic energy into additional charge for the battery. This process not only enhances efficiency but also contributes to the overall sustainability of electric vehicles by maximizing energy utilization.

Eco-Friendly Travel with Green Motion Electric Vehicles

Ev interior

Witness the environmental benefits:

  • Their contribution to reducing emissions is noteworthy, with all-electric vehicles boasting zero emissions and hybrids significantly lowering emissions compared to traditional combustion engines.

  • Furthermore, these vehicles incorporate longer-lasting batteries, which not only extend the lifespan of the car but also contribute to reducing waste and promoting sustainability. By minimizing the need for frequent battery replacements, electric vehicles align with eco-friendly practices, making strides toward a more sustainable and greener future for transportation.


Experience the convenience of charging at home or via public charging stations:

  • Simple Charging: Similar to fueling up, charging involves connecting your EV to a charging station.

  • Accessible Charging Points: Locate over 535,700 public charging stations across Europe and 130 000 public charging stations across America.

Drive green, drive smart with Green Motion's extensive electric vehicle fleet and make a significant contribution to a cleaner, more sustainable tomorrow.

How else is Green Motion Green?

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Embracing Sustainability: How Green Motion Leads the Way

In today's eco-conscious world, companies prioritizing sustainability stand out. Green Motion International takes pride in actively reducing environmental impact. Our commitment to eco-responsibility pervades every facet of our business, from recycling to eco-friendly fleets. Choose Green Motion for rentals that align with your values and support the planet.

Reducing Environmental Impact:

Green Motion International was founded with a clear mission: actively reduce our footprint. We prioritize recycling, waste reduction, and using renewable energy in all operations.

Going Beyond Compliance:

Compliance with regulations is just the start. We innovate to enhance sustainability, setting new standards in the car rental industry.

Eco-Friendly Fleet:

Our initiative focuses on an eco-friendly fleet through partnerships with leading manufacturers like Citroen, Toyota, Honda, Lexus, and BMW. Offering diverse vehicle options with cutting-edge environmental tech, minimizing CO2 emissions without compromising comfort or style.

Harnessing Renewable Energy:

We prioritize renewable energy, conducting assessments before opening new locations to implement power generation systems supported by wind or solar technologies, reducing reliance on traditional sources.

Efficient Energy Use:

Selecting suppliers with strong environmental credentials, our locations feature low-energy lighting with efficient bulbs and passive sensors controlling lighting based on occupancy, conserving energy for a sustainable future.

Recycling Zones:

Established recycling zones at our locations, aiding customers in locating collection points for recyclable materials, including recycling water used for vehicle cleaning and promoting responsible waste management.

Using Sustainable Materials:

We actively recycle accepted materials, encouraging participation in responsible waste management through dedicated bins and responsible recycling practices.

Environmentally Friendly Valeting:

Embracing eco-friendly practices, we source biodegradable chemicals for vehicle valeting, recycle containers, and utilize methods like steam cleaning and waterless processes to reduce consumption.

Employee Responsibility:

Fostering a culture of environmental responsibility, all employees contribute to our sustainability policy's objectives, ensuring each team member plays an active role.

In summary

Green Motion International sets the standard for eco-friendly car rentals. Our commitment to sustainability is evident in our eco-fleet, energy initiatives, recycling, and material use. Choosing Green Motion means a reliable, comfortable experience contributing to a greener future. Let's drive towards a more sustainable world together.

Experience the evolution of travel with Green Motion's electric vehicles. Find your nearest charging station and embark on a greener journey today!