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Your Ultimate Guide to Renting a Car in Rovaniemi: The Gateway to Arctic Adventures

Your Ultimate Guide to Renting a Car in Rovaniemi: The Gateway to Arctic Adventures

Rovaniemi, located in the heart of Finnish Lapland, is a magical destination known for its stunning natural beauty and unique Arctic experiences. Whether you're planning to chase the Northern Lights, visit Santa Claus Village, or explore the Arctic wilderness, renting a car in Rovaniemi can be your ticket to freedom and adventure. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore everything you need to know about renting a car in Rovaniemi, from choosing the right vehicle to navigating the winter wonderland safely.

  1. Why Rent a Car in Rovaniemi?

    Renting a car in Rovaniemi offers several advantages:

    • Flexibility: Enjoy the freedom to explore the region at your own pace, without relying on public transportation.
    • Accessibility: Reach remote and off-the-beaten-path locations that might be inaccessible by other means.
    • Convenience: Save time and effort by having transportation readily available, especially during the chilly winter months.
  2. Choosing the Right Rental Car:

    When selecting a rental car in Rovaniemi, consider the following factors:

    • Size: Opt for a car that suits the size of your group and luggage. Compact cars are great for couples, while larger SUVs or minivans accommodate families or groups of friends.
    • Fuel Type: In Rovaniemi, it's advisable to choose a car with a gasoline engine as diesel fuel can gel in extreme cold.
    • Winter Tires: Ensure that your rental car comes equipped with winter tires for safe driving on icy and snowy roads.
    • Four-Wheel Drive (4WD): If you plan on venturing into more remote areas, a 4WD vehicle offers better traction and stability.
  3. Driving in Rovaniemi's Winter Wonderland:

    Rovaniemi experiences long, snowy winters. Here are some tips for safe winter driving:

    • Studded Tires: Consider renting a car with studded tires for extra grip on icy roads.
    • Daylight Hours: Be aware that during the winter, daylight hours are limited, so plan your trips accordingly.
    • Car Heater: Make sure your rental car has an efficient heater to keep you warm during cold spells.
    • Drive Slowly: Reduce your speed and maintain a safe following distance.
    • Emergency Kit: Carry a winter emergency kit with essentials like warm clothing, a flashlight, and non-perishable snacks.
  4. Rental Car Insurance:

    Before renting a car, discuss insurance options with the rental agency. Comprehensive coverage, including Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and Personal Accident Insurance (PAI), can provide peace of mind during your trip.

  5. Rovaniemi Road Trip Ideas:
    • Northern Lights Chase: Drive to dark, remote spots for the best chances of witnessing the mesmerizing Northern Lights.
    • Arctic Wildlife Safari: Explore nearby national parks for a chance to spot reindeer, moose, and maybe even the elusive Arctic fox.
    • Santa Claus Village: Easily visit the iconic Santa Claus Village and meet Santa himself.
    • Ice Fishing: Take your rental car to frozen lakes for an ice fishing adventure.
    • Hiking Trails: Access numerous hiking trails and pristine wilderness areas.
  6. Returning Your Rental Car:

    Follow the rental agency's guidelines for returning the car. Be sure to refuel the vehicle and check for any damages to avoid additional charges.


Renting a car in Rovaniemi opens up a world of possibilities for exploration in this Arctic wonderland. With the right vehicle, preparation, and safety measures, you can create unforgettable memories while enjoying the freedom to discover all that Rovaniemi and the surrounding region have to offer. So, gear up, embrace the cold, and embark on an adventure of a lifetime in Rovaniemi, Lapland's magical gateway to Arctic wonders.