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The 4 Best Restaurants to Visit in Asia

The 4 Best Restaurants to Visit in Asia

Asia, a continent renowned for its vibrant cultures and diverse cuisines, offers some of the most extraordinary dining experiences in the world. From bustling street food markets to luxurious fine dining establishments, the culinary landscape of Asia is rich and varied. Here, we explore four of the best restaurants to visit in some of Asia's most dynamic Green Motion cities.

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1. Dewakan – Malaysia

Dewakan in Kuala Lumpur is a pioneer in Malaysian fine dining. Chef Darren Teoh uses indigenous Malaysian ingredients to create innovative dishes that reflect the country’s rich culinary heritage. The restaurant's name, Dewakan, combines the Malay words for “God” and “food,” symbolising the divine connection between food and nature. The contemporary setting and thoughtful presentation make Dewakan a must-visit for anyone seeking a unique Malaysian dining experience.

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2. Odette – Singapore

Located in Singapore’s National Gallery, Odette is a fine dining establishment that perfectly blends French culinary artistry with Asian flavours. Chef Julien Royer’s meticulous attention to detail and passion for fresh, seasonal ingredients have earned Odette numerous accolades, including multiple Michelin stars. The elegant and contemporary setting adds to the overall exceptional dining experience.

Malaysian food

3. Bijan – Malaysia

Bijan is a beloved establishment in Kuala Lumpur, known for its refined take on traditional Malay cuisine. The restaurant offers a warm and inviting atmosphere, with dishes that highlight the rich and diverse flavours of Malaysia. Signature dishes such as rendang and satay are prepared with a focus on quality ingredients and authentic recipes. Bijan’s elegant setting and dedication to Malaysian culinary traditions make it a standout in the city’s dining scene.

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4. Restaurant André – Singapore

Restaurant André in Singapore offers an exquisite dining experience that highlights Chef André Chiang’s unique culinary philosophy, known as "Octaphilosophy." This approach centres around eight elements – pure, salt, artisan, south, texture, unique, memory, and terroir – to create dishes that are both innovative and deeply personal. The elegant and intimate setting enhances the overall experience, making each visit to Restaurant André truly memorable.


Asia’s culinary scene is as diverse as its cultures, offering an array of dining experiences that cater to all tastes and preferences. From the innovative and avant-garde to the deeply traditional, the restaurants listed above represent the pinnacle of Asian cuisine. Whether you're a seasoned foodie or an adventurous traveller, these dining establishments promise to deliver unforgettable gastronomic experiences.

For those embarking on a culinary journey through Asia, remember that each meal is not just about the food, but the story, passion, and culture behind it. Bon appétit!