Discover the wide range of vehicles we have on offer throughout our Green Motion car rental locations. Whatever the need, we have a vehicle to suit your requirements.

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The mini class of vehicles offers the perfect blend of practicality and affordability, making it an excellent choice for those looking to save money on their car rental, without compromising on comfort and convenience.

Whether you're navigating city streets or exploring scenic routes, Green Motion car rental has you covered for an enjoyable and budget-friendly journey. This category often comes with 2 doors and 4 seats, with limited space for luggage.

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Explore the city with our economy class vehicles. This class of car rental vehicles, slightly more spacious than our mini class, provides an ideal balance for those seeking a comfortable and cost-effective travel experience.

Whether you're navigating urban landscapes or venturing into the countryside, these vehicles ensure that you and your companions have ample space to stretch out and enjoy the journey. They are perfect for small groups of 2-3 passengers and 1 or 2 medium-sized suitcases.

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Our mid-range car rental vehicles strike the perfect balance between spaciousness, power, and comfortable performance. Ideal for long-distance journeys, our intermediate cars provide a safe and enjoyable driving experience.

Whether you're renting in Europe, North America, Asia, or beyond, Green Motion offers a diverse fleet of mid-range vehicles to meet your travel needs.

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Embark on a group adventure with Green Motion's MPV car rental options. Planning a road trip with friends, family, or teammates? Green Motion's MPVs are the perfect choice for group travel, offering ample space and comfort for all passengers. Whether you're hitting the road with your sports team or exploring with your family, renting an MPV ensures a car rental experience that everyone will enjoy.

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Indulge in the epitome of sophistication by renting a premium car with Green Motion.

Whether it's a wedding celebration, a business event, attending a special event or simply craving a touch of elegance on the road, our premium car rental vehicles offer exclusivity and class for a truly distinguished experience.

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Crossover SUV:

Enhance your car rental experience by renting a crossover SUV that combines versatility, comfort, and style. Discover the freedom of the open road with Green Motion's Crossover SUVs, designed to cater to the needs of small groups seeking adventure.

Whether you're navigating city streets or exploring scenic routes, our compact and versatile vehicles ensure a delightful and stress-free car rental experience.

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A standard SUV rental from Green Motion offers an abundance of space for both passengers and luggage, making it an ideal choice for various occasions.

Whether you're on a business trip, leisure getaway, or embarking on a weekend road adventure, our standard SUVs provide the comfort and convenience you need.

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Moving to a new home or office? Need to transport furniture for a home makeover or business event? Our fleet of vans is ideal for meeting your business needs - be it transporting equipment, merchandise, or attending off-site meetings.

Choose from our range of van rentals, each designed to provide the reliability and efficiency required to keep your business on the move.

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Refrigerated Vans:

We not only prioritise your transportation needs but also cater to the unique requirements of transporting temperature-sensitive goods. Our refrigerated van rental services, available in select locations, ensure that your perishable items reach their destination in optimal condition.

Discover our specialised fleet of refrigerated vans designed to maintain precise temperature control. From perishable goods to pharmaceuticals, our vans are equipped to handle a variety of temperature-sensitive cargo, providing a reliable solution for your specific transport needs.